‘Council Carry-ons’ – A summary of recent Council meetings – Bellingen

By the Editor.

This is the first of a fortnightly look at the major decisions made by Councils in the Coffs Coast region at their meetings. 

This week we look at the Bellingen Shire Council and tomorrow we will look at the Coffs Harbour City Council meetings held on Thursday 28 February and Thursday 8 March respectively.

Nambucca Shire Council’s next meeting is tomorrow, Thursday 15 March and we will report on that next week.

Bellingen Shire Council meeting, 8 March 2018

The issue of the regional Forestry Management Plans and Koala corridors came to the Bellingen Shire Council in its last meeting.


Resolved: (Cr Fenton/Cr Wright Turner)

That Council:

  1. Make a submission to the Department of Primary Industries on the extension of the North East   Regional   Forest   Agreement   reflective   of   the   commentary contained within this report.
  2. Register its objection to a new 20 year agreement being entered into without any provision for the payment of local government rates on State Forests despite the fact they are a commercial enterprise; cause significant damage to council road and bridge  networks;  and  provide  unfair  competition  to  private  forestry  which does pay rates.
  3. Strongly advocate  to  the  NSW  government  that  the  Regional  Forest  Agreement renegotiation   process   is   used   as   an   opportunity   to   set   aside   meaningful movement  corridors  for  Koalas  in  State  Forest  estate  that  integrate  with,  and build upon, the work undertaken by Bellingen Shire Council in identifying linkage areas on private areas of land within Bellingen Shire.
  4. Strongly advocate  to  the  NSW  government  that  the  NSW  Governments  north coast  climate  change  projections  of  increased  rainfall  depths  and  increased erosion, are reflected in the new North East Regional Forest Agreement through the  development  of  revised  operating  procedures  for  forestry  in  the  north  coast region.    Specifically, the  revised  operating  procedures  should  increase  the required setbacks between forestry operations and riparian features, and further limit  forestry  operations  on  land  with  high  slopes  and  erosive  soils,  in  order  to minimise the likelihood of sediment entering watercourses as a result of forestry operations.
  5. Strongly advocate to the NSW Government the necessity for the establishment of an additional consultative process specifically with Local Government, given the  issues  outlined  in  this  report  and  concerns  generally  around  economic  benefit such as jobs within the shire, and processing arrangements for timber as well as environmental protection.

UNANIMOUS vote in favour of the resolution.

 The Council also voted not to proceed any further with the proposed Urunga indoor multi-purpose sports stadium:

ITEM: 11.1


MOVED (Cr Klipin/Cr Harrison)

That Council:

  1. Acknowledge the   findings   of   the   Feasibility   Study   into   a   proposed   Indoor Multipurpose Sports Stadium at Urunga and on the basis of this report determine not to proceed with the proposed Indoor Multipurpose Sports Stadium at Urunga as it is not financially viable.
  2. `Not proceed  with  milestone  6  and  7  of  the  scope  of  works  on  the  basis  of  the outcomes of the Feasibility Study.
  3. Commence the  process  of  amending  the  existing  Community  Facilities  &  Open Space Infrastructure Section 94 Developer Contribution Plan 2014 to reallocate any remaining funds for the Urunga Multi-Purpose Stadium to an alternative community facility, or open space project.
  4. Formally advise the Bellingen Braves Basketball Association of Council’s resolution, invite the  Association  to  respond  to  the  recommendation  in  the  feasibility  study regarding  a  regional  discussion  and  thank  the  Association  for  their  involvement  in the development of the Feasibility Study.

For:                        Cr King, Cr Klipin, Cr Harrison, Cr Fenton and Cr Wright-Turner.

Against:                Cr Carter and Cr Jenkins


The full minutes can be found in the hyperlink in the intro to this story.


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