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Initial research into the idea of transferring five captive dolphins from the Dolphin Marine Conservation Park to a sea sanctuary within Coffs Harbour’s actual harbour shows the proposal may be feasible.

By the ABC – Coffs Coast

The study, by Dolphin Marine Conservation Park, World Animal Protection and Action for Dolphins, began last year.

The conservation park’s managing director, Terry Goodall said the first phase of the research suggests the city’s harbour could house the sea pen.

“That was really looking at things like the tidal shift, the current, looking at whether there was the need for additional breakwater down in the harbour and the initial result came back to say ‘yes it could be’ but there’s a lot more work to be done yet,” Mr Goodall said.

“Having a sea pen is one part of the project, but ensuring the welfare of the dolphins would be better in the sea pen than where they are currently housed under human care are two entirely different things.”

First published at The ABC Coffs Coast Facebook page – Wednesday 6 March 2019.

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