“Come with us or stay in the 80’s and 90’s” – Mayor Denise Knight

Mayor Denise Knight (pictured above in a screenshot) was interviewed by NBN for their Mid-North Coast News last night.

The major topics discussed were the 600-1,000 person Coffs Harbour Entertainment Venue (CHEV), which is the subject of a $200,000 external consultant’s report, and is due in 2020 and CBD re-development and growth.

City Square – Coffs Harbour

Further details and a film clip of the interview can be found here; https://www.nbnnews.com.au/2021/01/21/further-reports-sought-on-coffs-harbour-entertainment-venue/

6 thoughts on ““Come with us or stay in the 80’s and 90’s” – Mayor Denise Knight

  1. Fifteen years after being elected Mayor who ran on delivering an entertainment centre we supposedly can expect it to be here. And Denise Knight has the insolence to berate the community who elected her on trust that it is they who are at back-sighted fault.

    This person has to go.

    And if she thinks this is her positive pitch for re-election, she is in fairyland.

    For those who will be inclined in the future to say “Council received professional advice” about this latest patchworked cant, and where it is “best” suited to go, remember this:

    Council does NOT go to a consultant without a brief. Ask yourself, if you had this ramshackle spendrists turning up on your corporate doorstep, would you do anything but give them what they themselves ask for? No. You’d take the cash, adjust your advice accordingly, and join in the sales angle when it gets questioned.

    Don’t make the mistake again. Council has requested this to go into the City Centre and the “independent advice” will come back according to its instruction.

    In other forms of government a communication trail is maintained, do we have a similar record at a local level? We need to see it.

    In any case, let’s not start talking as though we are getting this centre because that assumes the CCS is going ahead. It has a lot of hurdles to clear before that happens, and is likely not to.

    What we need to do now is make it clear that the whole “cultural plan” pretension is the doings of a fifth-rate outfit, should be held back, then scrapped. Let’s get to the Coffs community and its region the sophisticated, genuine cultural plan we deserve. For the minimal short term loss, we gain a new council that is mindful and a lasting, proper vision enacted.

    Editor: Denise Knight was elected Mayor in 2012 four years after she was elected Councillor. She has been Mayor roughly for 8 years and four months but has been on Council 16 years. Other than that we can’t quibble with much else you say 40cm

    1. Yes, of course, Ed. My apologies and thank you.
      Must say I was overtaken by the attitude exhibited in this interview which reeks of a person being in the position far too long and has completely lost touch — seems like fifty years!
      The community has every right to be angry over this interview and this attitude. Denise Knight may well have kicked into play a backlash against her that she needed not do. But then, for every politician (for want of a more accurate term) nearing their end and are in a determinative position this is without exception how they behave. They move too far away, have missed their opportunity to regain touch, and you get precisely what we have here.

    2. Three points to clarify in my above comment:

      1) “Short term minimal loss” refers to the general picture of establishing a new council and scrapping the cobbled-together patchworking that is manifestly fifth-rate and is sold to you as a “cultural plan”. This phrase needs clarification because, with a new council, you would get your Entertainment Centre more quickly than under Knight/McGrath. (Along with a hell of a lot more, in a thriving, inter-connected and genuinely enriching cultural precinct.)

      2) “Adjust your advice accordingly” refers to the nature of design. If a designer is told to put an entire council administration along with some cultural basics into a city centre, a designer will do it. If a designer is told to design a sophisticated, advanced cultural precinct on City Hill they’ll do it. To clarify this point further, the nature of design is that very little can not be achieved: you won’t get a designer saying “We can’t do that.” With each brief, and subsequent design, things are lost and things are gained. In each case the designer will create a professional design and stand by what they’ve done, hence they’ll support the sales angle of their client.

      3) Not a clarification exactly, but needed. Clearly the Coffs Coast community is heading into an atmosphere of bombardment by this current council intended to persuade you of how visionary, sophisticated, caring and financially brilliant it is. All words. Certainly, their sales pitch under Council regalia will be impressive upon sight. Let’s be aware that our community will be subjected to Council’s account of how they’ve done, and the healthier thing to do is to look at exactly what is being done, how it is being done, and what isn’t being done, which will provide you with your personal account. They are two very different accounts. Let’s be mindful as we move foward.

  2. This Mayor first promised an Entertainment Centre in 2012 and we never got in then and I’m sure it will not come to fruition this time either, it’s a promise she brings out when an election is planned and I can assure you we don’t believe anything she says today as she has proven countless times she doesn’t listen to the ratepayers she does exactly what she wants it doesn’t matter to her what we think or want and I’m afraid she will put our town into so much debt it will take our great great grandchildren to pay it off.

  3. Sigh.

    Just putting this out there. Yesterday in her interview with Moffee Denise acknowledged that communication was a problem for Council and promised to do it better. We need to focus on marketing better she said. Or words to that effect.

    Less than 6 hours later she coughs up this “improved communication.” Yeah. Right.

    By the way Denise, there is way more to good marketing than communication, also known to you as ‘spin’.

    There is also product. And if your product is Z-Grade crapola then all the spin in the world will be as much use as an ash tray on a motorbike!

  4. … Just so we can settle on the correct number of years from when Denise Knight first made promises to the community to when she says it’ll be built, does anyone know for how long Denise Knight spruiked her provision of an entertainment centre prior to her election as mayor?

    So far we have:
    Nine years as mayor; plus
    Six years as she says it’ll take from now; plus
    Unknown campaigning time prior to election.

    That figure is something to which we can refer during discussion.
    Naturally the assumptions are that the CCS will come in on budget, find finance and a newly elected council’s support; will not send the city broke causing all major projects to be halted; and future councils in years ahead will continue to support the hodgepodge splatter of Knight/McGrath. (Notwithstanding any problems and delays concerning an entertainment centre itself, nor where she wants to put it.)

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