Community reacts to Development Application ‘threatening Boambee koala habitat’

Denise and Graeme Teitzel bought their home off Lamberts Road, Boambee East, in 2016 after making the ‘tree change’ from many years living, working and raising a family in the Tamworth area.

Written with permission by Dave Wood

One of the main features which attracted them to the Boambee East and Toormina area were the plentiful remnant treed corridors between the urban subdivisions.

Their real estate agent assured them that the majestic Blackbutt and Tallowwood bushland bordering the rear of their chosen property, and at the time belonging to the CEx club, was protected Koala habitat and would never be bulldozed.

They believed they had found their perfect piece of ‘Paradise’ and for the first two years enjoyed their treed vista with swamp wallabies that munched on the plants growing along their back fence-line and the myriad of birds and other animals that visited their garden.

An image from the Save Lot 2 Sawtell petition.

In June 2018, Denise and Graeme received a flyer in their letterbox informing them of a DA before CHCC by the new owner, Regional Ethical Developments Coffs Coast. This DA would see the Lot 2 Sawtell Road bushland behind their patch of paradise bulldozed for a 57 lot housing subdivision.

Like many of the horrified and angry residents who border the 9 hectare bushland site they were searching for ways to stop the DA from proceeding. As Graeme says, “You can take the boy out of the bush … but you can’t take the bush out of the boy”. Suddenly, they were faced with losing the equivalent of what for many people closer to the ocean, are their ‘million dollar’ views.

A real estate map of the area

A local campaign by community members followed, and Denise and Graeme were one of the early contributors among the more than 60 who have written submissions to the Coffs Council expressing their dismay and outrage at the proposed destruction of their tree-scape, including the 100 plus year old trees and associated wildlife which they thought were protected under the strict conditions of our local Koala Plan of Management.

In October 2018, after a ‘deemed refusal’ by CHCC, the Land and Environment Court scheduled the morning of April 30th for a Conciliation Conference between all parties on Lot 2 to try and reach a resolution.

A public information evening will be held at the Boambee East Community Centre on Thursday 4th April at 7pm.

2 thoughts on “Community reacts to Development Application ‘threatening Boambee koala habitat’

  1. So much habitat has been lost in the Coffs area with huge areas of land being cleared for development and the Intensive Horticulture industry. The Koala, our National Icon will only survive if the habitat survives. Coffs Harbour will become just another Gold Coast if these large areas of habitation are not preserved and it is a clear choice re Koalas. “If you clear this habitat there will be Koala Loss.” Please protect our beautiful and precious Koalas!

  2. The natural habitat is what makes our area unique and what attracts people to our region. It will be a great loss to our area as well as the survival of our native animals if this is approved for development.
    I agree with the previous comment in so far as we will just be another high density area, no different than any other city. We have an opportunity to make our area stand out from the rest as great place to live and look after the natural landscape. You don’t have to go far to see the clearing of natural vegetation for more and more buildings, when does it stop!
    Part of our legacy to future generations should be leaving parcels of land where wildlife can survive. We have a chance to make a difference.

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