Community Comment invited on Mullaway Beach Reserve Concept Plan

Planning is under way to improve Mullaway Beach Reserve facilities and make the park more accessible, as project partners continue to enhance recreational and cultural experiences within Coffs Coast Regional Park.

Mullaway Beach Reserve forms part of the Coffs Coast Regional Park, which is governed by a NSW Government-appointed Trust Board of community representatives, including Aboriginal Elders, and representatives of the Park’s management partners, Coffs Harbour City Council and the National Parks and Wildlife Service.

Chairman of the Coffs Coast Regional Park Trust Board, Rod McKelvey, said the Trust Board and Council have allocated about $470,000 for:construction of upgraded facilities in 2021,and; for design of future enhancements to the Reserve.

“A draft concept plan has been prepared for the Reserve. Community comments are invited to help finalise the designs, before construction starts this year on the first stages, which include a new playground, new amenities and improved accessibility,” Mr McKelvey said.

The concept plan can be viewed online and comments can be lodged on the Have Your Say Coffs Harbour web page at:

Submissions are invited from Friday January 29 through to 5pm Monday March 1st, 2021.

Key Objectives of the Project are:

•Update the Master plan concepts to achieve District Park Classification objectives of the Coffs Harbour Open Space Strategy 2010;•Provide an inclusive play space that meets NSW Everyone-Can-Playguidelines;

•Construct designated parking for people with accessibility needs;•Construct updated amenities that are accessible and achieve NSW Safer-By-Designprincipals;

•Construct accessible pathway links for car park to amenities;

•Design and upgrade the playground;

•Design a range of other improvements for future funding, including upgraded barbecue shelter, picnic shelter and additional footpath connections.

“The Trust Board, Council and National Parks have worked with the community in recent years to plan and design upgrades for a number of locations within the Coffs Coast Regional Park, including Sandy Beach’ Mr McKelvey said.

Please forward all Coffs Coast Regional Park correspondence to:

Coffs Harbour City Council

Locked Bag 155


NSW 2450

Phone: (02) 6648 4542

The Coffs Coast Regional Park is jointly managed by Coffs Harbour City Council and the NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service Reserve, Diggers Beach Reserve and most recently the Arrawarra Headland Reserve, where we have worked with Aboriginal Elders to construct a cultural heritage education area and pathways featuring Indigenous artworks,” Mr McKelvey said.

Coffs Coast Regional Park covers 562 hectares. The park includes 27 kilometres of coastline-the Solitary Islands Marine Park adjoins the entire length of the park at the mean high water mark. Other Reserves which neighbour the park are Garby Nature Reserve (at Arrawarra) and Moonee Beach Nature Reserve (between Sandy Beach and Moonee).


The above is a press release from the Coffs Coast Regional Park Trust Board – 26 January 2021.

One thought on “Community Comment invited on Mullaway Beach Reserve Concept Plan

  1. Proposal 1
    Suitable sunshade for children’s playground. Children and their parents need shade whilst playing or supervising. Soft fall gets very hot .
    Proposal 2
    Drinking Water availability. The watering point needs to be designed with the natural environment in mind. Use your imagination. Water coming from rock or a timber construction as seen in some National Parks in the US . “Puddle” built in below for watering the dog.
    Proposal 3 This beach is very well frequented. Amenity catering for people un/dressing as well as toilet facilities. I have just seem a great design in Tasmania. Toilet and change area in one cubicle. They had about 6 cubicles. Showers outside. All constructed under one roof. Kingsborough Council, Kingston Beach. Most impressive.
    Proposal 4
    Because this beach is very popular, we are definitely in need of more bins. Preferably a recycle bin as well as a general rubbish bin. AND Doggie do bags.
    Proposal 5
    During the bushfires last year, many residents and their animals were going to evacuate to this beach. Think about what can be done to facilitate this should it ever occur. It would have been chaos.
    There is only one road out of Arrawarra and Mullaway.
    Proposal 6
    The inclusion of a skate board park area for older children.
    Proposal 7
    Dog park would be appreciated. Like he one at Shepherd’s Lane

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