1. Sincerely I wouldn’t use this on a public forum…It makes us look like the screaming shrews they say we are….. please consider it’s removal…

    • Michael Toohey

      This forum isn’t serious. Only a few read it.
      It’s garbage and run by a mix of would be developers and Ex government staffers who have axes to grind.

      • Freedom of speech Michael Toohey …..but nice too see you are reading Coffs Coast Outlook……Seeing as you no that only a few read it……with those superpowers you have….could you tell me the numbers in Powerball next week mate???
        Kind Regards Max 🙂

      • The Coffs Coast Outlook (CCO) was originally just the Coffs Outlook and has been going in both forms for many years now.

        Our stated purpose is to provide an alternative outlet for Coffs Coast residents to express their views. That is why your opinion was allowed through unedited for example.

        The CCO accepts you and other readers have no way of knowing the extent of our coverage or all of our reader’s locations. We can track that. So it is worth reiterating that comments posted on this site are not necessarily the opinions of The CCO.

        However remember Michael if you think you are reading ‘rubbish’ then your published view is also now part of that ‘rubbish.’

        By the way those who run this site are not who you say they are and it is not a secret as to who we are. You are ‘so far off the mark’ it is hilarious actually. Try checking out a few of the links at the top left of the landing page for the site for starters.

  2. jenny cooper

    That’s where she deserves to be, with all the backflipping she,s done over time,her time as Mayor should be dismissed, got her own little pack around her, nothing but a bully

  3. That’s the Happiest I have seen Mayor Denise Knight of late… compared to all the recent pictures that have been taken in the chamber ( not happy Jan) Perhaps McDonald’s is time for a change of Employment.

    Perhaps Cr Michael Aidenorff could Join you Denise at McDonald’s and be the new Ronald McDonald …as he certainly is a CLOWN….what a Joke of a Man he is!!!

    After hearing him yet again on Moffee Triple M this morning ….WHO DOES HE THINK HE IS!!!!!
    He has too go ……

    Regards Max

  4. Not sure Denise would be fit for that job either. As Mayor she hasn’t been able to fulfill the wishes of the majority, so is likely to get orders wrong or force food onto people they don’t want. I sobbed into my cornflakes yesterday after reading she was “gutted” and was “forced to cancel” her overseas trip “because of the walkout.” Given the community backlash, a true leader would act in a conciliatory manner by offering the opposing Councillors an olive branch through further debate, but instead she has chosen to make accusations and threats. If Denise has any sense she would back down gracefully and take her pet project to the next Council elections, but I suspect she sees this as her last hurrah.

  5. John Christie

    After tonight’s fiasco, Knight, Ardendorf and MacGrath would be unfit for a job at MacDonalds. For the time being, Coffs Harbour is stuck with this group of arrogant money wasters. It’s time to have the OLG intervene for the sake of all Coffs Harbour residents.

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