Coffs Promenade to be pulled down and replaced with seven story building?

A DA has been lodged with the Coffs Harbour City Council for the demolition of Coffs Promenade and the replacement of it with a seven story building including apartment accommodation, retail and restaurants and cafes.

The DA was lodged in March of this year.

The developers appear to be from outside the Coffs Coast.

The Promenade is situated at 319-321 Harbour Drive and has been an iconic dining and retail landmark for more than 20 years in the city and was itself a revitalisation of a derelict butter factory site.

The Coffs Promenade. Picture; Vil Brickman Architects

It currently houses a restaurant, a yoga studio, hair dressing salon, the Chamber of Commerce Offices and several other specialty retail stores.

DA tracking details can be found here; .…/SearchApplication…

Here is an artists impression from the DA of what the proposed building might look like;

Lead photo at beginning of story– The Coffs Promenade building viewed from Harbour Drive. Photo: The Edge Real Estate, Coffs Harbour.

5 thoughts on “Coffs Promenade to be pulled down and replaced with seven story building?

  1. This is the most revolting thing I have seen proposed in quite some time. Firstly the jetty is being destroyed, in my opinion, and now this beautiful and charming building that looks like it belongs here will be replaced with a soulless highrise monstrosity. I am so happy to be moving out of Coffs Harbour. Seems it is going upmarket and uglier by the day.

  2. All developments should emulate this. Some very lucky people will live here.
    From the plan
    “The development aims conceptually to re-vegetate the bend in Coffs Creek to enable the existing vegetation to form a continuous band following the line of the creek. Thus the built form is pulled back from the creek edge to enable this area to be greened. We have conceived the development as timber tree houses sitting within the reserve vegetation and so we have provided for street trees and a vegetated podium. The proposal responds to Coffs Harbours geographical location by proposing discreet, angular forms that mimic the surrounding mountains and create vegetated valleys between them.
    Taking inspiration from the immediate site and the broader Coffs Harbour topography, the proposal presents a large, horizontal podium plane from which three timber forms ‘grow’. The resultant ‘valley’ spaces between are vegetated with garden beds to reflect an eroded creek bed flowing between the mountains. The development addresses the corner site by arranging the three timber forms around the corner, directly relating the form of the towers to the angle of the streets themselves.
    Rather than a singular form, the mass of the building has been broken down to allow transparency through the site from the surroundings to the creek. These voids also provide a permeability for light and ventiliation. Thus there is a freedom for the apartments as they are in the round with generous connections to the environment with a high degree of passive solar and natural ventilation. A batten timber screen totally envelops the apartments with the operability and angling of the battens providing privacy and a degree of operability to ensure maximum amenity and control over thermal comfort.
    The concrete podium provides for generous awnings wrapping around the entire site. These spaces mean a covered walkway to the street frontage and a large ‘verandah’ for relaxed seating to the creek side”.

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