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“Coffs Harbour: the ice crisis that drove me out of town” – Sydney Morning Herald

Welcome to Coffs Harbour. Home to 75,000 people, once including me.

By Ella Kretzschmar

Here, at a young age you learn who’s “on the pip” (taking ice). You can tell by the hyperactivity, paranoia, dazed, lost eyes, incredible mood swings … and rage.

Even the affluent town of Moonee Beach isn’t immune to the effects of ice use by its residents. Inset: Ella Kretzschmar.

Full story at the Sydney Morning Herald 16 July 2019. See: https://www.smh.com.au/national/coffs-harbour-the-ice-crisis-that-drove-me-out-of-town-20190716-p527ki.html


  1. Why hasn’t our Mayor and General Manager been making this a priority and putting their names to cleaning up the ice and other drugs epidemic instead of drooling over a new office…..!!!!!!!!

  2. Ron Bennett

    The Fishing Club that has been sitting vacant all these years has been used as a spot too deal ICE for years I have been told. Also the Skate Park . Iits known as ICE HARBOUR. The Bikies Gangs are running the show…25% youth unemployed …so they get hooked..become part of the gangs who use them as Ice Cooks, couriers, dealers, prostitution all too get their drug. It’s a Epidemic and leads too crime & mental illness. It’s Australia wide but the Coffs Coast has 1 of the highest rates of useage in Australia. The Police cannot keep up and we now have generation of ICE BABIES being born. It such a sad state off affairs. I have spent time listening too this generation and it has reduced me too tears.

  3. Bikie Gangs……yes and no. There are 2 large families in Coffs, that control the Ice trade . All schools have students, who deal to fellow students. Everybody, who really wants to find out, who is behind that epidemic, CAN find out. I did my research. I was able to find out. The Police knows the Names as well. Evidence that stands up in court, is the problem. Time to come out and share your Personal Story and DO everything against this deadly money Spinner !

  4. Ron Bennett

    J J Cale I have been told that there has been an underworld Mafia Family that run this City. I was told that from a now deceased Old Identity. Lots of people in power & uniform that are on the payroll. I wonder if these 2 families are part of it?
    This Epidemic is Australia wide. It’s out of Control. So so sad as from Documentaries I have watched…..this evil drug is so addictive & frying their brains. No wonder the local crime is increasing & they call it ICE HARBOUR. .

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