Coffs Harbour office of Pat Conaghan subject of Koala graffiti protest

The words ‘Koala killer’ have been graffitied in red paint on the Coffs Harbour office of Nationals Federal MP, Pat Conaghan.

Photo: ABC Coffs Coast

The vandalism appears to be a protest against the NSW National Party’s stance against a koala protection policy, which the party argues will hurt regional development and farming.

It comes after a tumultuous week in state politics when the Deputy Premier and leader of the NSW Nationals, John Barilaro threatened to move his MPs to the crossbench over the policy.

Photo ABC – Coffs Coast.

Mr Conaghan says the damage to his office is “disappointing” and an “unwanted distraction”, urging people to call him with their concerns instead of carrying out acts of vandalism.


First published at The ABC Coffs Coast Facebook page. Thursday 17 September

5 thoughts on “Coffs Harbour office of Pat Conaghan subject of Koala graffiti protest

  1. That’s not as “disappointing” as Conaghan’s nasty electoral material dropped into people’s letter boxes during the last Federal election.

    1. Conaghan’s despicable election tactics – one of his pamphlet carriers at the William Bayldon School polling booth compared Rob Oakeshott to Adolph Hitler – mark him as a person for whom no one should vote. I suspect that Conaghan would be happy to put the interests of his party’s “Pitt Street farmers” ahead of any other issue, but vandalism of his office sends the message that some of his opponents are just as unsavoury as he is.

  2. There are always extremists. Remember Dolphin Conservation having their windows smashed a few years ago. Happens rarely, fortunately.

  3. This outrageous vandalism plays right into the hands of the National Party .I could be conspiratorial but will avoid that trap.I plead with the National Party could we please have a rational discussion on protecting our endangered koalas, the mapping issue is not perfect, they are public servants , the fire breaks, lets deal in facts.
    The ridiculous comment by our local member that Mount Panorama is included in koala habitat, actually just south is one of the largest reserves planted for koala habitat by the Bathurst council.This tactic is so worn out, its sensational, like Fraser and Tripodi(2005), its all in the game, no results still, no highway, the media fail to check facts.
    I don’t want to give the Nats any ideas,
    But next will be my old granny flat with my 90 mum living there, has been designated a koala zone by greenies.Now as Tarantino would say that is GETS stands for( good enough to steal).
    We need a rational debate and most of all, results, not talk. I plead with our Nats to stop this negative campaign as it is so unproductive and to work with the govt bodies. I know govt depts can be difficult , but the boss is away on leave so use your time productively.

  4. Conaghan’s tactics set a new low in Australian election campaigning which could be construed as democratic vandalism. I note Oakeshott had the good grace not to stoop to the lies and personal insults as Conaghan did to attract the votes of the politically naive. Conaghan’s conduct is simply a reflection of his character and the National’s ‘no holds barred’ approach in maintaining power in rural areas. Given local youth unemployment is among the worst in Australia, voters need to take a long hard look at the lack of progress in the regions under successive National Party representation before they reach the ballot box next time.

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