Coffs Harbour “needs a solution for rubbish. Not a rubbish solution!”

Let’s deal with the rubbish. And, no, this is not a complaint about Facebook.

By Tony Judge, Labor for Coffs Harbour Mayoral candidate

Everyone knows the problem. When it’s bad, everyone smells the problem.

Our tip is a big, difficult, smelly, expensive problem.

Space for landfill is running out and we are paying to have our waste trucked to Queensland.

We are not anywhere near best practice for composting or recycling. We have spent millions in litigation against our waste contractor.

We can’t change everything today. Contracts are in place, services can’t be disrupted and we don’t yet know where we want to go.

But we need to start fixing it.

Not by grabbing at a passing idea and calling it a solution, but by getting expert advice and looking at how others are doing it better.

A long time in government has taught me that the worst mistakes are caused by politicians having great ideas and reinventing the wheel. It leads to disaster.

We don’t need lightbulb ideas. We need to start early, get the best advice, talk about it with the community and leave time to look really carefully at the options.

We need to have some goals so we know how to make a good decision.

We need a plan.

Rubbish will always be a difficult problem.

That doesn’t mean we can’t find a good answer, but it does mean we have to work hard to get there.

We need a solution for rubbish, not a rubbish solution.


The above is a social media release from the Labor for Coffs Harbour Team 26 November 2021.

CCO will publish all media releases sent to it in relation to the LGA elections on December 4 up until December 3 so long as they meet legal requirements.

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