Coffs Harbour LGA Residents & Ratepayers Association launched

Regardless of your thoughts on the proposed Gordon St council administration offices and cultural facilities you could be forgiven for thinking that no matter what you might have to say neither CHCC nor the State government is listening.

Particularly in light of the petition signed by almost 15,000 residents and supported by 765 submissions asking CHCC to pause for further consultation failing to gain any traction with either level of government

When 20,000 people from all over NSW from Qld and from Victoria arrived in town to see Elton John it was celebrated as being amazing. Sensational. And it was.

When 15,000 residents and ratepayers expressed their concerns over the Cultural and Civic Space they were called “a noisy minority”.

When the Residents & Ratepayers of the Northern Beaches called out to CHCC and submitted submissions opposing a new service centre at the gateway to their village CHCC chose to listen to them.

When the people of the Toormina/Sawtell community made a handful of submissions opposing the construction of a McDonalds outlet in their local area CHCC listened.

The comparison in these outcomes paints two pictures.  One of a city listening and celebrating and one of a city silenced. The reasons are open to speculation and of course there has been much of that.

Coffs Harbour LGA (Local Government Area) Residents and Ratepayers believe it is ever more critical that Coffs Harbour LGA has an agency to take a seat alongside the Chamber of Commerce and other institutions to reflect as much as possible the sentiments of the broad community regarding the growth and development of this growing regional city.

As a registered incorporated association we can take that seat.

We are committed to speaking for and on behalf of our members on matters such as the Jetty Foreshore the Cultural and Civic space the progressing of a performing arts space the development of a satisfactory Waste Services management maintenance of our roads and other infrastructure along with the impact the construction of the bypass will have on the day to day life of our residents.

We are also concerned the growth we will experience in coming years will negatively impact the stunning environment we are privileged to live in.

With all of this in mind Coffs Harbour LGA Residents & Ratepayers will be holding a series of meet the candidate forums in order for the voting population to get to know those who might be making decisions on their behalf over the next three years.

There will be five forums held across the LGA with two proposed for Coffs and one each in Coramba Woolgoolga and Sawtell. These will be spread over a period of 4 weeks so everyone will have an opportunity to attend at least one.

All candidates who register by the closing date for nominations on the 5th August will be invited to participate in the forums. Dates for these forums will be published across all media and the information forwarded to all news outlets.

We would love to hear from you regarding the issues you are concerned about and what questions you would like to see put to the candidates.

If you are interested in who we are and/or would like to become involved please look for us at the markets over the next few weeks send us a message via our Facebook (Coffs Harbour LGA Residents & Ratepayers Association Inc) page or email [email protected].

We will only ever be as strong as the sum of our parts.

The above is a media release from the Coffs Harbour LGA Residents & Ratepayers Association Inc.

5 thoughts on “Coffs Harbour LGA Residents & Ratepayers Association launched

  1. Sounds to me as though CHLGARRA already have predetermined agendas and have attempted to legitimise these by recently undertaking the relatively simple process of registering an Incorporated Association.
    Representing all, or same people recycled into another platform for self-proclamation?

  2. Would be nice to see a list of who are the standing executives for this registered entity ?

  3. It’s interesting that Ann Leonard has not declared herself as the creator of this group. She has shown that she has intentions for political life however is yet to be successful. Is this a bid to bolster a run for council after being unsuccessful at other levels of government?

    Seems to me it is misleading to not include the names of those that are involved in this group.

  4. Yes I do agree with Distrustful says: although do not agree with his hidden name .
    My Wife and myself are not on Facebook ( everything is apparently on Facebook ,that’s the problem ) and I imagine we are not alone, but we cannot take seriously a group of faceless people behind CHLGARRA, so for the sake of us and others similar a few names and reasons would be helpful cheers.

  5. l am confused by this press release. It claims CHCC are not listening,  then cites two excellent examples where CHCC acted on behalf of residents. The author then alludes to ‘reasons of speculation’, behind this – meaning what exactly?

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