“Coffs Harbour has my heart” – Dean Evers

The housing and homeless situation in our city has reached crisis point. Individuals and families are struggling and need YOUR immediate assistance.

With a team of dedicated volunteers, I have been out on the streets providing food parcels, tents and blankets for those sleeping rough.

For those who are fortunate enough to have a roof over their heads, we have provided free fridges, beds, bedding and a variety of other items. The essential home comforts most of us enjoy every day.

My HEART is in this community.I am asking for YOUR VOTE.

I want to apply the same passion and commitment that drives me every day to make a difference in our community to the role of Mayor.

I want to reset the compass and lead our community in a new direction. In that regard, YOU have my promise that I will listen to YOU and consult with YOU and adhere to the Mayoral Oath of Office.Over several weeks I enjoyed coffee chats with some of you.

A lot of questions were asked and it appears many of you share the same concerns.

Due to the current COVID prevention measures, it has become increasing difficult to reach out to you so I am writing this to provide you with an insight into my reasons for wanting to take on the serious responsibilities that attach to becoming YOUR Mayor.

Why am I running for Coffs Harbour Mayor?

I am not a politician.I have no plans or aspirations to become a politician and I have no affiliations with any political party. I simply want to see YOU – the people of Coffs Harbour – get the common sense leadership YOU deserve. Open, transparent, compassionate leadership.

Currently, there is disharmony over poor decision making and there is concern about the lack of transparency.

YOU can bring change by voting for a new kind of representative.

YOU have my pledge that, if you bestow on me the privilege of Mayor, the “best interests of the community” will be at the forefront of every decision and action I support or table.

I am about “Putting YOU, the People First”.

At the same time, I appreciate the importance of nurturing strong alliances with our State and Federal governments.

What do I bring to the table?

Coffs Harbour has my HEART. I have called Coffs Harbour home since moving here in the spring of 1994, and I believe Coffs Harbour remains the best place to live and raise a family.

Coffs Harbour has so much potential and I want to see Coffs Harbour realise that potential.

My background is twenty-two years in the Human Services sector with an additional fifteen years in commercial and business leadership.

This experience has provided me with an incredible insight into human nature and the knowledge and skills needed to lead in current and future challenging times.

I bring a deep understanding of local issues and a passion for COfFS HARBOUR and the people of COFFS HARBOUR.

Above all else, I am a GOOD LISTENER.

What are the major issues facing Coffs Harbour?

Some of the major issues, as shared with me, are:

• The Cultural and Civic Space (The total lack of transparency)

• The Englands Road Waste Management Facility• CoastalWorks – How it functions?

• Roadside rubbish collections

• The condition of our roads

• Housing and Homelessness

Are we getting value for money for the rates we pay?

Among others, these issues will be discussed at length by the newly elected Council and as a collective they will be addressed in some shape.

I cannot commit to any action as, if elected, I am only one voice.

What I can do is commit to the highest standards of integrity in ensuring all issues will be vigorously debated in an open and transparent manner so as to meet the best expectations of the community.

Sustainable planning is a major issue for Coffs Harbour. We need to maintain a fine balance between development and the environment.

Coffs Harbour is a region that thrives on small business – from our tourism operators to local service provider and restaurants. These businesses drive our economy, provide employment and create job opportunities for our children. They need, and deserve, a local council who supports them and facilitates the important role they play.

YOU can make a difference by voting a person to be YOUR VOICE and YOUR VISION into office on Saturday 4th September 2021.

The above is a media release, Monday 12 July 2021, on behalf of Dean Evers campaign for Mayor, Coffs Harbour City Council.

Coffs Coast Outlook will publish all media releases by candidates for the council elections to be held on 4 September on the Coffs Coast so long as they have legally acceptable content. Media releases can be sent to [email protected]

4 thoughts on ““Coffs Harbour has my heart” – Dean Evers

  1. Thank you Dean. It may be valuable for your cause if citizens understood the major issues you see as an immediate priority, and the methodologies/goals you would employ to make the necessary changes.

  2. You definitely have my vote Dean, you have helped me many times and my gratitude is beyond words

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