Coffs Harbour GM Steve McGrath Explains Airport Lease

Coffs Harbour City Council General Manager Steve McGrath speaks to Moffee on Triple M Coffs Coast about the Airport lease.

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2 thoughts on “Coffs Harbour GM Steve McGrath Explains Airport Lease

  1. GM talks BS but never mind.
    Current climate models show sea levels are rising. Temperature rise predictions are now clear cut and taking us into uncharted territory and towards unpredictable tipping points.

    Earth temperatures are now scientifically predicted to become 1.5 centigrade degrees warmer in the period between 2040 & 2050. Projections are then +2 degrees upwards heading towards +3 after 2050 ( a major tipping point) leading to severe increased storms, floods and tidal surges.

    With a 50 to 99 year lease of Coffs Harbour airport and the swamp lands of Enterprise Park, try to imagine the issues tenants will face at not even halfway through the first Lease Period. From 2040 onwards these lands will possibly be almost at sea level. If not, certainly extreme flooding. Got it..!!

    So what’s going on with current attempts at trying to mitigate flooding at the so called Enterprise Park, as we head into 2021, is one helluva joke.

  2. After hearing a brief report on the disasterousCentral coast council, it sounded eerily familiar to CHCC,even down to the GM ,receiving a $360,000 handshake after being sacked by the adminstrator for the massive $560 million debt.I wonder if our amazing Editor could find a story on Gosford council?I believe we are a mini version of the central coast council.,especially in the debt department and mismanagement.

    Editor: We will run a story on he Gosford/Central Coast Council in the NY after Australia Day when we are back. 🙂

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