“Coffs Harbour City Council forces iconic entertainment venue to close” – Prime News

The following is a Prime7 News clip from monday 13 September outlining how the RedC venue at the old Fishing Club has been forced top close its doors allegedly after a demand from Council for an immediate two months rent payment.

See; https://www.facebook.com/Prime7NewsNorthCoast/videos/2072997992855890

2 thoughts on ““Coffs Harbour City Council forces iconic entertainment venue to close” – Prime News

  1. My father-in-law Terry O’Loughlin along with many others started the ‘Fishing Club’ many years ago so that fishermen could have a place to go to clean their haul and relax. My brother-in-law Rory O’Loughlin, who died in 2010 had an award in his name for all young and aspiring fisher boys and girls. Pull your heads in CHCC. It’s not always about money.

  2. Melinda is quite right! By virtue of the L G Act 1993, the present CHCC regime has taken control of every community asset they could add to their power base – and salary packages!
    The bunker gallery was started by Rotary South with VOLUNTARY LABOUR and I recall the dismay of hard-working Rotarians who were bundled out with little recognition for their Community Service.
    Another was Coffs Harbour Jetty Memorial Theatre that was run by a VOLUNTARY Management Committee which CHCC dismissed unceremoniously to wrest control.
    The Fishing Club was a place of great camaraderie when anglers met to fellowship and with VOLUNTEERS created a club facility. Again, a precious asset was stowed in the coffers of CHCC.
    This list is only the tip of the iceberg. there are many others.
    And what have we gained? All these facilities that we created by VOLUNTARY community efforts are now an overhead cost for the ratepayers.
    What of the community service organisations the built this city? Rotary Clubs, Lions Clubs, Apex, Lodges, Cooperatives, Credit Unions, Building Societies – they have all been systematically dismantled under various tiers of Government delegation as bureaucrats assume power.
    Apex was once a most effective service club, now past. Rotary South who inspired the Cartoon Bunker Gallery – has handed in its Charter to Rotary International. Ask any service club how they survive under local government and they will tell you how difficult it is to gain Council approval for projects they would love to contribute to.
    Our city was built on the spontaneous camaraderie by community service of multiple VOLUNTARY organisations, many now defunct, that has left many citizens disillusioned and bewildered.

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