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‘Coffs Council has achieved a lot’ – Mayor Knight tells Triple M

“Coffs Harbour Mayor Denise Knight has spruiked the achievements of her council in the last 6 months.

By TripleM Coffs Harbour

It follows a lot of criticism from locals and media recently, regarding their campaign with the Coffs Harbour Bypass and the long running disappointment from residents with the removal of bulky waste. collections

Cr Knight also spoke about signs at beaches, like Moonee Beach where five people drowned in one week before Christmas, after Triple M’s Breakfast host Moffee mentioned on Wednesday 6th of March that council signs about the beach not being patrolled were smaller than those pointing out that dogs must remain on their leash.

Mayor Knight

The Mayor said they are working with lifeguards about the concerns.

Projects that Mayor Knight said Council have prided themselves on over the last six months include various awards, the progress of the Cultural and Civic Space in Gordon Street and their work to cut red tape for local businesses.

See the full list here:

Many achievements are highlighted in the report, including:

  • The opening of the new $450,000 Bardens Bridge at Crossmaglen;
  • The roll-out of the ‘Trading Places’ scheme to enhance footpath use in business areas;
  • Winning the globally-acclaimed International Festivals and Events Association (IFEA) World Festival and Event City Award for the fourth year in a row;
  • Coffs Harbour being named the Most Innovative Regional Council at the inaugural WAVE awards for enterprise development;
  • Steady progress in the planning for a new Cultural and Civic Space in Coffs Harbour;
  • The launch of the ‘MyCoffs Connect’ online directory and calendar of events supporting community groups and service providers;
  • Council’s Jetty4Shores Project winning the NSW Minister for Local Government’s 2018 Award for Innovation in Local Government Engineering;
  • Community engagement to refine concept plans to revitalise City Square;
  • The Woolgoolga Town Centre Masterplan project winning the Urban Design Award at the AILA NSW Landscape Architecture Awards;
  • Council winning the Local Government NSW Award for Culture Change Innovation/Excellence for its Precinct Place Planning Strategy;
  • Coffs Harbour joining the Cities Power Partnership to help tackle greenhouse gas pollution and climate change;
  • Significant investment in upgrading all four Coffs Coast Holiday Parks;
  • Extensive water, sewer and transport asset works;
  • An upgrade of digital cinema projection equipment at Jetty Memorial Theatre;
  • Delivery of land management, environmental and sustainability initiatives; and
  • Delivery of a range of community, economic and sporting programmes.”

Listen to Denise Knight here: https://www.triplem.com.au/story/mayor-spruiks-the-good-work-of-council-130492

First published at TripleM Coffs Harbour on Thursday 7 March 2019.

See: https://www.triplem.com.au/story/mayor-spruiks-the-good-work-of-council-130492


  1. Prarire Rose

    Sounds like a very generic lacking in detail and substance list drawn up for her to rote read by the GM of the Council to me.

    Most of those ‘awards’ are competed for by minuscule numbers of councils as the majority have neither the time or inclination to be involved.

  2. Archie Black

    How convenient that our Mayor doesn’t say why a TV Commercial was created to promote the Council, nor how much it cost.
    Since when does local government need to make TV advertising and promote itself ?
    And please Mayor Knight, can you enlighten us mug ratepayers how much this cost us ?
    The Council are not doing well, it is falling into the trap of believing its own hype and spending like a drunken sailor.
    Meanwhile it is scrounging and gouging every dollar it can to pay for the Gordon Street “Temple” that will not bring prosperity to the city.
    I think that the Mayor, the GM,senior staff and a few well chosen Councillors need to take a good hard look at themselves, because others are looking closely at their performance and relationships with the Chamber Of Commerce and business interests inside the city and elsewhere.
    Far too many conflicts of interest and rampant nepotism is unhealthy in a democracy, especially in local government

  3. These guys are clearly blinded by their own brilliance. AND how can a Council act and perform democratically with only 8 Councillors ? Where’s the missing 9th ? Needs investigating.

  4. In view of commentary now coming from Councillors, everyone here and on the associated Face Book pages should take a good look to see how a NSW Council should be run:-



    Ted Mack was known as “The father of Independents” and his legacy as Mayor for North Sydney Council lives on.

  5. Margaret Beckett

    Is the absent councillor still on the “payroll”?

    • Rikki Bekker

      My understanding the 9th Councillor, Councillor Strom, is on special/sick leave and that it is due to expire at the end of this month. I’m not sure whether she continues getting paid or not.

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