Coffs Council calls for consultation on Community Facilities, Performing Arts Spaces and scoping of City Hill

The Coffs Harbour City Council is advertising calls for community consultation on Community Facilities, Performing Arts Spaces and feedback a scoping study on City Hill.

As a community service Coffs Coast Outlook reproduces the information and details below for its readers.

3 thoughts on “Coffs Council calls for consultation on Community Facilities, Performing Arts Spaces and scoping of City Hill

    10 – 11.30am
    12.30 – 2pm
    5.30 – 7pm
    You need to register to attend one of these workshops on the Council’s Have your Say site.
    It is important that we get a good attendance to demonstrate to Council that we care about City Hill and want to see it used well and for our cultural needs. Please attend.

  2. How can we have any faith in the Council’s Community Consultation process when consultants and staff have an agenda with terms of reference skewed to give an outcome planned in advance?
    As we have seen many times before, the so called “Community Consultations” and Workshops have often been held with the chosen’select few’ and an agenda to garnish what the Council wants rather than what the community needs.

    Why does the Council insist on registration with many personal details required to attend these sessions?

    Having done previous workshops, I am over them. Any dissenting voices are silenced promptly.

    If OUR Coffs Harbour City Council were serious and wanting to demonstrate it’s genuine desire to conduct community consultation, it should hold an open public forum in a large venue to accomodate the numbers who would want to attend, with the Mayor, Councillors, General Manager and Senior Council Staff on stage, with the public invited. It would be where both sides could put their case, listen to the arguments for and against, put their ideas and suggestions forward in an open and frank manner without fear or favour

    Many times in the past, people have been too frightened or intimidated to stand up to the bullying tactics used by some of Council’s supporters and to speak out.

    What is holding you back from showing your leadership Mayor Knight by facing the public in such a forum with your fellow Councillors and Executive staff?

  3. This appears to be a blatant exercise to justify the Councils’ Gordon Street development.
    Bob Trezise makes a very valid point.

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