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The Coffs Harbour City Council (CHCC) has escalated it’s push for three tunnels in the design of the Pacific Highway bypass of the city.

By The Editor

The CHCC has launched a campaign called “Build The Best Bypass” which asks residents to join with Council to present a united front to decision makers about the design and ultimate final construction of the bypass.

The CHCC banners fly outside the showgrounds on the Pacific Highway

Banners (pictured above) have been put up around the city recently , adorned with the message “Tunnels not Cuttings”.

However just days after these banners appeared calling for the State Government to give a guaranteed commitment to building tunnels on the Coffs Bypass – not land bridges and cuttings as initially planned in last year’s announcement – The National Party has hit back with the signs pictured below being erected around Coffs Harbour.

The National Party signs.

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