Coffs Coast Councils to be ‘stretched to the max’ with massive cleanup

Social media has been awash (pun intended) with pictures and stories of slips, flooding, potholes, drainage issues and general weather damage since the big wet of the past week hit us.

By The Editor

This will inevitably mean all three Coffs Coast Councils will have lots of extra repair and remedial work of an urgent nature that will need to be done. The financial implications may take some time to establish once insurance and State and federal Government emergency funds are taken into account.

Below we publish a selection of those pictures and stories. Some from this year, others from 2009 as a compare and contrast.

Feel free to send us your own 2021 pictures/videos/stories/thoughts too; [email protected]

Firstly here is an interview Moffee had with CHCC’s Mick Raby on TripleM Coffs Coast this morning – click on the blue URL below the first picture;

A reminder of how bad things got in the past – 2009
More from 2009
Flooding in Nambucca Shire 2021 – Photo ABC
Two Bellingen Shire Council workers were lucky to escape this landslide at Thora, near Bellingen. Their council ute is under the rubble.
“Staff had to move quickly to get out of the way,” Deputy General Manager, Operations of Bellingen Council Ashley Greenwood said. Photo and report, ABS Mid-Coast 19 March 2021.

Lastly click on this link to see an ABC Mid-North Coast video of the conditions on the very aptly named Waterfall Way on the road up the mountain to Dorrigo.

Why might this be happening?


Lead photograph – Waterfall Way is closed from Horseshoe Road at Thora to Maynards Plains Rd on Dorrigo Mountain. Photo; The Islander – 23 March 2021.

6 thoughts on “Coffs Coast Councils to be ‘stretched to the max’ with massive cleanup

  1. Had to go to town. Like driving in a mine field from Toormina. Pot holes before the floods are bigger now. Send bills to Council if you damage car in them. Alot of wheel alignments and tyres to be repaired.

    1. When potholes form they are a permanent weak spot on roads as they allow water to pool under the bitumen. When they are patched up, which is just about every road in Coffs, during rain events the weight of vehicles causes the patched potholes to explode, making them hazardous in wet weather and a danger to all road users. After rain, council road maintenance crews run around in a never-ending circle refilling the same potholes which over time get bigger and deeper and even more hazardous.

      Nevertheless, when CHCC was selling the CCS idea and its financial case to state government, it claimed it had no infrastructure backlog or maintenance issues in the LGA. Now I’m sure there are plenty of people in the LGA who would beg to differ.

      Now, instead of investing $100+million on new council offices with museum and art gallery attached, CHCC would do better to spend that money replacing the patchwork of potholes it offers up to ratepayers as roads. Just take a look at the state of Hogbin Drive in front of the University, or Stadium Drive in front of the Crematorium and entry to the Stadium or the road in front of Toormina Library, just to name a few. All of these prominent roads have been a patchwork of potholes and in a parlous state for years. For the price of the CCS, the full length of Hogbin Drive could be duplicated into a safer four lane freeway, doing away with peak hour bottlenecks. This would be a far better investment in Coffs Harbour’s future than a monument to commemorate Miss Piggy’s and Quick Draw McGraw’s poor decision-making

  2. Graeme you are quite correct in what you say about our local roads being sub standard we have become used to the quality of our roads without knowing it .
    More than 20 years ago I ran a Mechanical repair workshop and specialized in suspension repairs and had a state of the art Shock absorber tester one of few in the district every school holiday time I would get a number of holiday visitors come to me and ask could I test their suspension as they thought there was something wrong because of the rather rough ride they were experiencing , after a short road test and a few questions I had to explain to them that there was nothing wrong with their motor car it is just our lousy rough roads in other words we have had crap roads for as long as I can remember.

    1. When you’re supplied with a brand new, fully maintained council vehicle – why would you give a shit?

  3. Spot on Graeme! Yet our overpaid Infrastructure Director Raby tries to pull the wool over our eyes by stating that movement is due to unstable underground water sources.
    Assuming that Raby is right, and our CBD sits on a potential Venetian Canal system once 24,000 cubic metres of contaminated soil is removed from the CCS site, how can he justify the CCS project is based on clever engineering?

    1. Indeed, Anne. Mick may be right though in the case of the CBD, which is built on the Coffs Creek water basin and has historically been impacted by flooding many times. I predict they’ll be pumping water out of any big hole dug on Gordon for quite some time, which may work in the community’s favour by delaying the CCS fiasco until its proponents are removed from council in September and any building contracts entered into torn up.

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