Citizens Voice hand over petition with 12,000 plus signatures on it

Yesterday afternoon members of the Citizens Voice Group handed to local Coffs Habour MP, Gurmesh Singh, a petition with approximately 12,000 signatures on it.

The petition to the NSW State Legislature calls for the State Legislature to ask the Minster for Local Government to order a pause on the Gordon Street development so as to allow a deeper analysis and consideration of other alternatives.

Members of Citizens Voice hand over the petition to Gurmesh Singh (left) yesterday

Outlook understands that Mr Singh will table the petition to the NSW State Parliament on Monday 16 September.

In the meantime at tonight’s Coffs Harbour City Council meeting there is a proposal before Councillors to issue a tender for agents to sell the four buildings mentioned in this story from Outlook earlier this week;

18 thoughts on “Citizens Voice hand over petition with 12,000 plus signatures on it

  1. I just dropped in 258 just now. So keep them coming.
    Gurmesh’s office said it will be tabled in Parliament on Monday 16th Sept.

  2. My Wife and Myself collected “101 ” in the past week .
    We were surprised with the amount of locals who said they did not know about it !
    Most seem to think it is a Civic Center .
    When we explained it will be smaller than the existing Buildings it is replacing the response was a few 4 letter words.

    1. And it does not include the Mayor’s “promised Entertainment Centre” either Bill. More than a few people still seem to think it does!

    1. It’s now around 13,000 signatures and rising . You need some paper tissue too wipe the dribble coming out of your mouth ” Don’t waste paper”.

  3. Just want to say a big thank you to all those people that gave up their time to collect signatures .Democracy in action we do have a voice

  4. Karma works in mysterious ways . Last night Mayor Knight rewarded Cr Michael Adenorff ( the 65 vote 2016 election man) by nominating him as Deputy Mayor. He is the Lawyer who owns 4 CBD properties and voted for the Gordon St Building…which is illegal in my eyes. Typical Lawyer who thinks he is above the law. Tegan Swan was nominated by Paul Amos and prior too last night’s meeting was told to her face that she had the support of 5 of her councillors. The vote was 4 all. They then had a draw from a hat and the Winner.. Deputy Mayor Tegan Swan. THE LOOSER Cr Lawyer 65 vote man Michael Adenorff . Karma.

    1. Hey Max, your description of how close we came to having ‘Springbok-65 vote- lawyer-in peril-man’ as our deputy mayor seems like fiction but saved by karma. I’m not sure whether Cr Adendorff is such a looser considering he was elected as a councillor with just 65 votes (0.0014% of the vote), he has earned some pocket money for doing nothing for the town, got involved in council property sales and has been an obedient lap dog to our mayor and GM. Karma still has some work to do!

    2. Bit nasty towards Cr Adendorff.

      You should research how many number one votes all the sitting Councillors received at last election and publish them. Please.

      1. James Blair with Cr Michael Adenorffs action voting on the Civic Admin Building with owning 4 CBD buildings with one 300 metres away from the Gordon St Site. With him also declaring he has been in discussions with a Developer interested in Rigby House for residential. On the street he is voted as one of the most disliked arrogant Councillors and should never been allowed to vote on the Gordon St Project. For Mayor Denise Knight too nominate this incompetent Councillor as Deputy Mayor shows the LGA how incompetent Denise is as well. 13,000 signatures and rising against the Building! I just watched a Coffs Advocate Interview with Mayor Knight in June saying that 99.9 % of the community were behind this project. How out of touch is she. Cr Adenorff received Mayor Knights preferences and is on her lead and collar. Everytime he attempts too speak Mayor Knight tries too muzzle him. Not nasty just telling the truth. Listen too all the council meetings audio and see how incompetent this man is. Listen too his interview with Moffee on triple M as more evidence. It’s a disgrace as too how these voting preferences go in elections. It all needs too be reformed. Thankyou James for putting up the links of 2016 elections so people can see. Isn’t Cr Michael Adenorff getting a good return on his investment of 65 actual votes with the increase in $$$$$ on his 4 CBD properties . All thanks too Mayor Denise Knight . Alliances . All doing each other favours. Independent Cr Paul Amos who stood alone and received over 4000 votes has acted and heard his electorate but with the alliance that Mayor Knight is in and with her casting vote…they hold the power. It’s a disgrace and shows how dysfunctional CHCC is. I only hope that the LGA in 2020 local election give more thought and research into who they give their vote. In looking at the World Stage we can see that it has become a Comedy with our Cartoon Characters elected as leaders. Call me nasty but I am more angry with how they get away with it time and time again.

        1. Is he does own four properties in CBD and I’m not sure he does he would vote against it from
          Listening to the opponents of the project talking doom and gloom about the cbd and little else.
          The opponents put a bad energy out there. It’s poor for the towns morale and investment in the town.

          Imagine when we have put next council elections and a few of the opponents get on council like you and Franny Stephenson. It would stifle investment in this town.

          As far as Adendorff saying he spoke to a developer I would take that with a grain of salt. Most buyers are Liers and most people who whinge about corruption are the ones who missed out on being involved in the rort.

        2. Hi Brad.
          Agree with you with preference voting.
          Don’t agree with Adendorff corruption. Is it a crime for someone to say to a councilor I would be interested in buying that property? I don’t think so. I tell you what.
          I will phone,stop them in the street and email every councilor and tell them I’m interested in buying certain properties and put them in the same position.
          See how rediculous it is.
          I do agree Adendorff was stupid to make public a nothing conversation.

    3. Why don’t you run next election and see how many votes you receive!

      I can’t believe the nastiness and low tone comments of some people on these pages.

      It’s disgusting.
      Please lift your standards.

  5. Watched the News last night ,about the allegations of corruption of ” Mr Sidoti ” The sports minister faced a torrid NSW budget estimates hearing on Thursday when he faced a barrage of questions over allegations he breached the ministerial code of conduct. he stated more than 100 times that he had always complied with all his obligations of his position.
    Is this the same Umbrella Cr Michael Adenorff is using ?

  6. Bill,
    You’re an alarmist like most who write on this.

    It’s innuendo and lies.

    Wait for the facts to be proven before you start defaming others.

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