CHCC reveals rooftop vision for proposed CCS

The latest ‘reveals’ of the Cultural and Civic Space show what the community will enjoy up on the top floor with views across Coffs Harbour.

A reveal from a model of the proposed CCS – Photo; CHCC

The above is from the CHCC Facebook page – 16 November 2020. See;

A ‘salve for mental health’ or a ‘cost burden’?

Also on matters CCS – this news footage from Prime 7 last Thursday 12 November about estimated interest rate costs for the building may be of interest to readers too;

Planning Minister wants more info before approving CCS DA

Also while CCO was on a one week holiday the following news broke;

“The state’s Planning Minister has asked for more advice before making a decision on the Coffs Harbour Cultural and Civic Space.”

From the ABC Coffs Coast Facebook page – for a radio report on this go to;

7 thoughts on “CHCC reveals rooftop vision for proposed CCS

  1. Are you absolutely sure that your lead picture is not the Hanging Gardens of Babylon ? If not, it sure looks to have potential of becoming the eighth wonder of the world.

    1. Good grief …. surely Heather can’t believe what she espouse. Kids literacy needs work in their homes and AT SCHOOL … .. they are all on tablets and the internet and schools have libraries.

      I have NEVER seen the current library packed out. Never. The only thing that SOMEtimes was operating “at capacity” were the computers.

      If only mental health issues, and loneliness, could be solved, or even mitigated, via a library or a gallery.

      As my dearly departed mum would have said: “she’s having herself on”.

      1. Suggesting that this proposed building has the potential to alleviate mental health issues is, at best, a cynical attempt to justify the building of new council offices, with attached cultural spaces.

        A more accurate description in my opinion might be, “a disgusting use of “spin” by an individual who has no understanding or appreciation of the issues of mental health, and who is willing to callously take advantage of the misfortune of others in order to promote her views”.

        In my opinion the outrageous behaviour of this woman ought to be roundly condemned by all thinking people.

  2. I look at that best-presented proposed space and feel such absolute loss and a vast vacuous emptiness for what I’ve missed in my understanding of human nature at this autumnal age in my life that would have it be thought a destination and worthy of the cost.

  3. The claim by the pro-CCS group spokeperson that the extravagant Emerald Palace will stave off deteriorating mental health in the community is a bit rich. But using youth mental health as an excuse for urgently proceeding with the CCS is not only grasping at straws, it is quite shameful really.

    Since when has the chardonnay swilling elite or CHCC ever been concerned with the mental health of Coffs’ unemployed youth or the growing number of homeless people? What has council put in place to support these groups in the past? Nil…zilch…niente! Unlike Bellingen’s council funded drop-in centre ‘Bello Youth Hub’ that offers youth a variety of programs and activities, CHCC has done absolutely nothing.

    Just imagine what could be achieved to improve mental health for a fraction of the estimated cost of the Emerald Palace if funneled into programs specifically tailored to improve the lives and opportunities of people belonging to these two groups?

    It’s high time the pro-CCS group stopped trying to con the locals with their outrageous claims and worked towards getting the city’s real priorities in order.

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