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Chamber and Action group both say truck roll overs prove need for bypass with tunnels.

Following the truck accident in the heart of Coffs Harbour on Thursday 9 May the Coffs Harbour Chamber of Commerce called on John Barilaro MP, Paul Toole MP together with Gurmesh Singh MP to change the NSW Regulation on tunnels to allow all vehicles in Class 1 and 2.1 to passage through tunnels in NSW.

The Coffs Bypass Action Group (CBAG) fully support this approach.

The truck roll over in the Coffs Harbour CBD recently. Photo: NBN News

Tunnels are a must for the bypass for environmental, aesthetic, economic impact and coustic benefits for the large number of residents and farmers impacted by the new bypass. If tunnels are built then regulations can be changed to accommodate all vehicles at a later date if need be.

However, once you construct the bypass with large cuttings, and all
the significant impacts that will affect the community of Coffs Harbour, this cannot be changed to tunnels at a later date. The cuttings will be there as an eyesore for the world to see for the next 100 years or more.

It must be remembered that there will still be a number of trucks of all types including dangerous goods transiting through Coffs Harbour CBD to service Coffs Harbour businesses. That will continue.

If we are going to have a bypass let’s do it properly the first time and what is best for Coffs Harbour and its future development. To adopt a second- class option for short term gains,will be regretted for the next 100 years.

The Coffs Bypass Action Group will willingly work with the Coffs Chamber of Commerce, and the Coffs Harbour City Council to achieve the full solution of Tunnels with a change in regulation to allow all
trucks to passage through tunnels.

The above is a Press Release from CBAG – Friday 10 May 2019.

The following is the statement by the Coffs Harbour Chamber of Commerce from their Facebook page – Wednesday May 8 2019.

Let’s hope it doesn’t take a fatal to get swift action. Two rollovers in one week. Rollover capital of the country. What an embarrassment for our politicians. What a risk for our community.

The roll over at the Englands Road round about about a week earlier

It is time Gladys Berejiklian, John Barilaro, Paul Toole MP and Gurmesh Singh – MP to expedite the EIS, call for tenders and get this started without further delay, with tunnels and the necessary Dangerous Goods Regulation changes made.

We won’t sit back and let half the story be told. Tunnels alone will not remove 7-10 of the most dangerous transiting heavy vehicles from the CBD.
So let’s be crystal clear, rather than skirt around the edges like so many people and groups have without telling you the entire story. Tunnels alone will NOT stop ALL the trucks that can be removed.

If you want the BEST outcome for Coffs Harbour then it’s time everyone started getting vocal about tunnels PLUS the necessary Dangerous Goods Regulation change.

Anything less leaves our city at risk and leaves the trucks rumbling through. We want our legacy to be the BEST result for businesses and the CBD, not a half-baked solution. Come on Coffs Harbour City Council and Coffs Bypass Action Group stand up in unity and lobby for the BEST outcome.

See a video report of the roll over from Prime News here: https://www.facebook.com/Prime7NewsNorthCoast/videos/2650941101646351/

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