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Celebrating Building Excellence: Is this Coffs Harbour’s most sustainable development?

A ground-breaking eco housing development in Coffs Harbour wins the Master Builders Regional Excellence Award for Energy Efficiency & Environmental Management.

The Natural Home Company recently took out the 2019 award ahead of some of the best builders in Northern NSW for their residential development at 23 Bent Street.

The award winner at 23 Bent Street, Coffs Harbour

The winning project employs some of the most advanced measures of sustainability possible, yet many locals don’t know it exists. Tucked away at Coffs Harbour Jetty, the four eco homes are deliberately designed not to look like ‘normal’ houses.

Requiring only a small footprint, the houses flow over two stories with a focus on outdoor living and vertical, ground and rooftop gardens to grow produce. Positioned happily next door to Coffs High School’s agricultural plot, the theme of urban food production continues.

The only development of its kind in the region, the ‘City of Hope’ project boasts zero greenhouse gas emissions, produces 100% renewable solar energy, provides thermal comfort all year round and harvests and reticulates its own water.

The builder and architect behind the win, Reiner Schimminger, says the award is welcomed recognition by the industry for his work and the importance of sustainability.

“Our industry is starting to wake up to the issue of environmental management,” says Reiner. “This award is a recognition of building solutions that show sustainable living is possible in this time of climate change.”

“Our approach in Coffs Harbour could be applied across the nation as more people realise these environmental issues should be and can be addressed,” added Reiner.

Reiner Schimminger

View the award-winning development at  A not-for-profit project of 4 community-titled homes at 23 Bent St, Coffs Harbour.

The above is a Press Release from the Natural Home Company – 28 August 2019.


  1. George Partos

    Congratulations well deserved and an excellent example of what future home building should be all about, shame it can’t be said about the top topic of conversation in town.

  2. Congratulations Reiner.

    A great development.

    We love it.

  3. That is terrific news and a well-deserved win for Reiner! It shows what a smart person can do to face the challenges of climate change. I love it and hope it’s just the first of many!

  4. Unit 4 has come onto the market with a price tag of $899,000 . I personally think it’s way overpriced.

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