CCS building plan being amended due to ‘cost constraints’ already?

Rumour, (confirmed by two separate sources to CCO) has it that, to meet ‘cost constraints’, the lovely folks at BVN Architecture have been sent back to the drawing board on the CCS design.

From Citizens Voice – Facebook page

Apparently, the request is for ceilings to be lowered in public spaces such as the library and the art gallery .

Our understanding is that detailed plans nearing approximately 75% completion saw the estimated cost at that point blow out by approximately $10m and the order from Council was to reduce it by $5m if possible.

What ? You haven’t heard about this?

So when Council’s Heart of Coffs website is showing all those lovely artist impressions of the new building, (shown here) – be aware that the pictures don’t show the shrunken version that they’re now apparently working on.

Depending on the change of design, there may be a need to re-submit the DA. And once, the DA is re-submitted – well , you know the drill.

Let Rob Stokes know what your objections are.

Just imagine, all those beautiful public spaces being reduced.

But what abut the Mayors office?

Shrinking in height already?


Published by Citizens Voice Facebook page – 11.00 p.m. Wednesday 9 December 2020.


CCO: Editor’s note – we were aware of this as largely reported above as of Tuesday 8 December – we have added information about the cost blow out amount.

5 thoughts on “CCS building plan being amended due to ‘cost constraints’ already?

  1. Why am I not surprised at all? This will not be the only change trying to save a few million 😂 but I’m sure there will no change to Mayor Knight or the CEO’s offices as that in my opinion is the reason for the whole project.

    “Knightmare on Gordon” will be a big embarrassment to Coffs Harbour City Council and I would not be surprised if an Administrator is appointed just like occurred in Port Macquarie after the blow out in the Glass House project.

    The ratepayers are very concerned about the debt they are committing us to as we will be the ones paying it off with our increased rate payments for years and years IMO.

  2. But, but, but Mayor Knight and the GM told us the $76.3m ‘estimate, based on a schematic drawing one suspects, was ‘watertight’!

    What? Are you now telling us that before the first spade of soil is turned on the CCS the costs are already blowing out?

    It cant be true! Shurely shome mishtake! Chop my legs off and call me Shorty!

    Given the art gallery now wont have high resplendent ceilings like the Louvre in Paris does this now mean that less than the estimated 400 thousand visitors will now flock to this apparently rapidly shrinking edifice?

    I’m shocked I tells ya! 😉

  3. Does the question now need to be asked:-“are those 4 and a “bit” Councillors who kept voting for this building together with the minority in the public now getting what was officially agreed on and voted for??”

    Indeed, all those thousands who said NO to this building are now left thinking this is turning into something of a dog’s breakfast and feeling it will go down in the annals of history as an iconic failure along with a City Council becoming known and remembered for it.

    1. Absolutely true, Mr Creosote. The rot is already setting in, and we can be certain that there will be increasing numbers of revelations about cost-cutting, as time goes by. Knight, Cecato and Adendorff won’t be concerned about shortchanging the community on this building. Knight will ensure that the parts of the project to suffer will be her much lauded cultural spaces, without there being any dramatic impact upon her office space. She’ll do this because, as I’ve said many times, in my opinion this project is no longer about providing a cultural resource for Coffs Harbour. Since the opposition first began, its been about Knight abusing the power of her position to create a monument to herself, and to “have a win” IMO. Cecato and Adendorff will do as they’re told – their own self-interest aside, they are stooges and that’s what they are there for.

      If there is any light at the end of this dismal tunnel, it may just be that hopefully Sally Townley will acknowledge that she’s been “sold a pup”, by Knight. Sally didn’t sign on for this nonsense, and she certainly won’t be happy about changes which will diminish the quality and function of the building which she has so far supported. The question remains as to whether she will be sufficiently disturbed as to change her vote.

      You’re also correct in suggesting that this entire farce will go down in the annals of history. Perhaps it should go down in the “anals” of history, as well?

  4. Who’d of thunk it eh? Was always going to happen as only one of the 5 properties required to be sold to provide the bulk of the funding for this has indeed been sold. The museum has been taken out of the mix.
    The farce became clear once Council understood they were not going to get anywhere near what they expected for the 3 most valuable properties, if they got any offers at all?
    They are going to have to do some serious “goal post shifting” to make this work. My prediction is that they won’t and the whole thing will fall over for lack of funding or perhaps 1 Councillor realising what a horrible mess this is and jumping ship. Watch this space.

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