‘It would decimate us’: David Goodall’s final warning to humanity hours before death

There is one topic David Goodall felt he was not questioned on before choosing to end his 104-year life at an assisted dying clinic in Switzerland. By Christiane Barro As one of Australia’s most esteemed scientific minds, Dr Goodall received global attention for wanting to die. But his views on science went unnoticed. […]

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“Berejikilan Government’s Koala Strategy Ignores the Proposed Great Koala National Park” says Bellingen Environment Centre

The NSW Koala Strategy released on Sunday almost completely ignores the community’s Great Koala National Park proposal which embraces two of the most important and unprotected koala meta-populations in NSW. Koala populations have collapsed by 50% in the last 20 years and the Governments response is to propose protection of […]