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How many firearms are there in the 2450 postcode?

2450 postcode – Population (approx): 38,289 2017 FIGURES Registered firearms owners: 1,210 Registered firearms: 5,686 Largest number of guns held by one registered owner (excluding collectors): 73 Average registered firearms per registered firearms owner: 4.69 2019 FIGURES Registered firearms owners: 1281 Registered firearms: 6257 Largest number of guns held by one registered […]

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Most Australians say humans responsible for climate change – poll

More Australians than ever believe human activity is entirely or mainly responsible for climate change, new polling shows. By Matt Wade First published at The Sydney Morning Herald. Monday 1 April 2019. See: https://www.smh.com.au/environment/climate-change/a-record-share-of-australians-say-humans-cause-climate-change-poll-20190328-p518go.html But only 13 per cent say the Morrison government is doing a good job tackling climate […]