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“Were CHCC Councillors given all the information they needed to make a sound judgement?”

A report on the Coffs Harbour City Council meeting of 22 August by Dr Janne Lindrum At this meeting, Councillor Sally Townley (below) brought forward the following motion: That Council: 1.       Authorise the engagement of suitably qualified    consultants to: a.    Independently peer review Council’s LTFP based on known commitments, […]

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Mayor’s comparison of Gordon Street with Shellharbour like “comparing apples with prickly pears”

LET’S LOOK AT THE FACTS. The Mayor of Coffs Harbour is CLUTCHING AT STRAWS! By Jan Lindrum and Facebook contributors Comparing the Shoalhaven Civic Centre to the proposed citadel in the cramped and congested Gordon Street as the Mayor did recently in an article in The Advocate, suggests she is […]