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Our financial system only works for the 1%. It will take another crash to fix it

Financialised capitalism has failed, and cannot be fixed by more and better regulation By John Quiggin  ‘A system of financialised capitalism like the one that prevails at present will inevitably be dominated by the self-enrichment of financiers.’ The royal commission into banks in Australla has uncovered fraud and misconduct on […]

Local Opinion/Comment

‘Roberts Hill Lookout is the least of our problems: we’ve got a Bypass and our fellow Community to think about’ – An open letter to Coffs councillors

The following letter has been sent to all CHCC Councillors by former Deputy Mayor Rod Mckelvey (pictured). Much has been written about Roberts Hill and a proposed lookout (Coffs Harbour Advocate) recently.  I believe the proposal to be ill-conceived, wasteful and an unnecessary thought-bubble, when we already have wonderful facilities and far more spectacular views […]