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Censored? Alarming SCU water study articles appear to ‘disappear’ from Coffs Coast Advocate

Recent water studies undertaken by Southern Cross University on behalf of Coffs Council have revealed record-breaking levels of agricultural chemicals in our water. What could be more alarming than that? Key reporting on the studies appears to have been mysteriously scrubbed from some of the Coffs Coast Advocate’s online search […]

Local Science/Environment

Great Koala National Park steering committee proposes six self- guided car tours

The Great Koala National Park steering committee has recently launched a report proposing the development of six self- guided car tours in association with the park proposal. The announcement follows recent announcements by the steering committee for mountain Bike network, a long distance walking track and horse riding trail. The […]

Local Science/Environment

“Over development, intensive blueberry farming killing Hearnes Lake” – Sandy Beach Action Group

Residents of Sandy Beach are launching a campaign to save Hearnes Lake from complete degradation and ‘death from over development’ across the catchment. The runoff from new housing estates and the rapid expansion of intensive agriculture – mostly blueberries – has made the lake virtually unusable. The Sandy Beach Action […]