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Was this by-pass announcement press release withdrawn before publication by the State Government? If so ‘Why’?

By The Editor The CoffsCoast Outlook has acquired a Press Release from the State Government ‘that fell off a truck’. It is about the recent Coffs By-pass announcement and was allegedly withdrawn before publication last Tuesday 15 January. If this is the case then the question has to be ‘Why’?  […]

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Bypass Consultation Committee – info on the chair

Further to last Tuesday’s announcement by the State Government on the by-pass it has been announced that the Chair of the proposed Consultation Committee will be Kathy Jones of KJA (pictured below). See: coffscoastoutlook.com.au/state-government-announces-change-of-plan-on-bypass-tunnels/ According to KJA’s site Ms Jones is “a well-respected strategic communications and engagement advisor, known for […]

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ALP claims “National Party’s Coffs Harbour bypass ‘sham’ exposed.”

The National Party’s Coffs Harbour Bypass project has been revealed as being a sham with the NSW Government confirming that no actual “Preferred Concept Design Report” exists says ALP candidate for Cowper, Andrew Woodward.. Labor has obtained evidence via Government Information Public Access (previously known as Freedom of Information) that […]