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Surplus mania good short term politics but not such good economics

Scott Morrison’s problem is that he gets politics – and is good at it – but doesn’t get economics. By Ross Gittins. See; The Prime Minister doesn’t get that if he keeps playing politics while doing nothing to stop the economy sliding into recession, nothing will save him from […]

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How does the Coffs Harbour City Council compare with ‘similar’ NSW councils?

Back on October 1 we published a story titled ‘Does the Coffs City Council have healthy financials’? by Rob Steurmann. See; This is the second part of that article and it is based on information from from a data base of details released to the public on Tuesday 24 […]

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Recycling ‘crisis’ is an opportunity for both Councils and the country

We need to change the conversation on recycling. By Thomas Maschmeyer While individual contributions make some difference, recycling that really matters must become embedded into the global economy, from the point of resource extraction to a product’s end of life. This means we have to engage with hugely complex global […]