Candidates release how to vote cards

Here is a selection of CHCC how to vote (HTV) cards with CCO comment under each where applicable.


Local Leaders Team – (Tegan Swan for Mayor)

Here is Tegan’s explanation of her definitly different HTV card on local Facebook;

OT your usual how to vote 🤔So today I did a thing… I asked my whole team to put me last.

WHY? 😱🙋🏽‍♀️ Because I asked them to stand with me to start with.

✨ And because they are standing with me, I’m standing behind them. I’ve got their back and I want them to shine.

🤝I couldn’t think of a more tangible way to show I’m all in with them.

🙏 I am so ridiculously grateful to have 4 of the most incredible leaders and people, with the hugest hearts, putting themselves forward to guide our community.

📣Pat, Meena, Troy and Kareena aren’t just lending their voice to me in this election. They have their own voices and they deserve to be heard.

🌱We are a team, but I know we won’t always agree. I don’t want us to! Being a team isn’t being the same. Being a team is shining in your own right and understanding each individual person and their perspective adds value, especially in situations where we want different things.

Leading those difficult situations with respect and compassion is true leadership.

⬇️We are in this together and we are demonstrating our commitment to diverse and authentic representation of our community by encouraging you to vote below the line.

Vote for us in whatever order best reflects your version of leadership.

Vote for all 8 Councillors exactly as you want them! We can do this!


Might the Vote 1-9 below the line campaign may have been heard here? No preference deals possible with this.


Together We’ll Fix It Team

Here is the supporting material released with this how to vote card

Support change and get behind us today by making us your profile picture until Dec 4th!


Everyone in our community is a valued shareholder in everything that happens.


Residents of the LGA pay one of the highest rates in NSW. Service levels need to be better than below average.


Get our outdoor teams back home to bring care to OUR roads, footpaths and parks.


An outstanding blend of experience, youth and progressive thinking, driven to get it done right.

Details on how to vote below the line for this team are on No obvious preferences being directed


Moose for Mayor

No obvious preferences on the Mayoral card. In process of tracking down HTV card for Councillors.


John Arkan Team

No obvious preferences to other candidates or parties


Labor for Coffs Harbour

Labor voters are asked to direct their preferences to Team Townley, Moose for Mayor Team and the Greens.


Team Townley

Team Townley are asking their voters to direct preferences to Paul Anos and Tegan Swan on Mayoral ballot and to The Greens and Labor on the Councillor ballot sheet.


More to come.


But in the meantime, and irrespective of some of the above, CCO asks you to take control of your vote and;

For more information on how and why go to;

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