Candidate for mayor reflects on what real CCS cost may be

Keith Rhoades, Coffs Harbour Councillor and former Coffs Harbour Mayor, with 30 years service to local government, announced his retirement last week.

I thought it opportune to reflect back on comments he made in 2020 concerning the Cultural and Civic Centre Project.

By Rodger Pryce – the ‘Together We’ll Fix It’ group’s candidate for Mayor

Cr Rhoades called for honesty and transparency surrounding the Gordon Street Project stating that it could very well cost $130 million by the time it is finished.

As Mayoral candidate for team Together, We’ll Fix It, the concern that I had over this project, was one of the main reasons why I decided to contest this election. I see no reason whatsoever, that accepted principals employed in the private sector, should not carry over into the local government sector.

There is no justification for adopting a Project Development Plan and when that fails, to then just carry on regardless. This is unacceptable, not good business practice and should send alarm bells ringing throughout our entire community.

Researchers that we have been consulting with, have produced the bar chart above. This shows what cost the community could be confronted with. Let us not forget that this started off as a $36.5 million art gallery, exhibition centre, library, with many millions of Government grants. Add in three top floors of Council Offices, a Council exclusive car park and then go straight to the bar chart above for the potential real cost of the CCS.


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10 thoughts on “Candidate for mayor reflects on what real CCS cost may be

  1. While I love a good bar chart as much as the next person. How did you come up with this?

    Why is the T2S loan not included with the other loans? Was this internal loan included in the initial $82M costing? If so, why is it being taken out and added again?

    What does depreciation and remediation costs two properties mean? Which properties? Over how long? If they are the properties council is selling, wouldn’t they be costs incurred anyway?

    What is rent for? Over how long?

    Who are the “researchers” you have been consulting with. Are they involved with your campaign?

    This is all pretty confusing.

    1. Omg. You have asked sensible questions and your comment is visible. Wow. This graph has more holes than Swiss cheese.

  2. I have concerns that a media outlet is publishing unsubstantiated “research” let alone the appalling spelling and grammar in this propaganda.
    Where is the fact checking? Where is Rider Lane? Do they mean Riding Place?
    Surely if this was correctly conducted research they would at least have the names of the streets correct.
    What are the 3.5$m variations?
    I don’t think this is something that should be published without review.

    Editor: See the CCO statement at the bottom of the article.

    1. Well, it hasn’t taken long for the pro CCS trolls to respond. The usual suspects no doubt, trying to stave off close examination of the subterfuge that has accompanied the new council offices proposal since it was forced onto the community, lest the truth gets out.

    2. I just wonder if the general public I’d (sic) guillable (sic) enough to believe this tripe?

  3. Fact checker? It seems you have forgotten to spell your own name.
    Google seems to come up with Riding Lane , Riding Place comes up as a Dental Surgery ?
    Aren’t you a lucky fella that this Coffs Coast Outlook will post your rant.

  4. ‘Bar Chart lover’ and ‘Fact Checker’, two new faces on the scene, sound like offended LG executive responding in symphony! The fact remains that our Cultural Space has been hijacked by the omission of our longest standing cultural need of 30+ years – a Civic Meeting Place. As the ‘cuckoo in our cultural nest’, the new Chambers have more than doubled the Council’s ultra-conservative estimates. Estimates that only reveal the tip of the iceberg! The Museum, Library and Art Gallery have become mere appendages taking second place to new Chambers.

    Who can possibly justify selling the current Chambers that were futuristically designed for expansion, and sacrificing office space at Rigby House, only to build in miniature at a cost of $50million? And claiming it to be adequate for decades to come? If everyone is going to work from home, who can we call upon for an interview and advice? It will never stand the pub test!

    1. Time to move on, that trains (sic) left the station. Find a new target for your bitterness.

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