Bellingen Labor announces plans for Shire’s small businesses and farmers

Labor for Bellingen Council recently released plans to provide practical support to help small businesses and farmers succeed.

Support for the hundreds of small businesses and farmers in Bellingen Shire is a priority for Labor should it win a majority at the council election on 4 December 2021.

Under the plan, Labor will:

  • Provide incentives for small businesses to establish in Bellingen Shire
  • Support small business training programs
  • Establish a council co-working centre
  • Develop and support a “Made in Bellingen Shire” marketing program.

All of Labor’s plans for supporting small businesses and farmers are funded within current council resources.

 Paul Mulally (above() a Labor candidate for the Bellingen council in the 4 December local government elections said that; “Bellingen Shire has a mix of new and established businesses including many farming operations. 

We want those already here to do better. We want new ones to establish here, succeed, and create jobs and new opportunities.

Council should encourage new businesses and farmers during that critical start-up phase. Every cent counts when you are trying to get going. 

Council should also encourage existing businesses and farming operations to do better, perhaps by diversifying or assisting with on the ground education and ensuring better facilities are provided to conduct these enterprises.

Farmers will also benefit from Labor’s plans for cleaner waterways and reducing the risk of bushfires. 

This is what the all of Shire Labor team aims to do.

 We see room for a “Made in Bellingen Shire” type umbrella campaign for anything from farm produce, to leather goods, to processed food, to tourism experiences and to other harmonious goods and services locally provided. 

If it’s from Bellingen Shire, we want people to know it’s authentic, good quality and worth buying.”


The above is a media release from Labor for Bellingen – Monday 28 September 2021.

Coffs Coast Outlook will publish all media releases by Coffs Coast candidates for the council elections which are now to be held on 4 December so long as they have legally acceptable content.

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