Axemen out of 2021 Group 2 rugby league competition

CCO has been told by sources close to the Orara valley Axemen that the club will not participate in the 2021 Group 2 CRL rugby league competition.

By The Editor

In a sad blow for a once strong and proud club it appears not enough player registrations were able to be obtained by the registration close off date which is today.

The Axemen announced last year that they would not be fielding teams in the Group 2 competition just weeks before the whole competition was cancelled due to the Covid19 crisis. See;

CCO also hears at least one other club in Coffs Harbour may also be struggling to obtain a quality full playing roster too.

Clearly the lack of play in 2020 may be one reason for this. But right back at the very beginning of this new version of CCO on 7 March 2018 we also offered these thoughts by a well known league aficionado/ex-writer Oscar Le Grouch;

2 thoughts on “Axemen out of 2021 Group 2 rugby league competition

  1. Limit the amount of money clubs can spend on players and coaches etc.
    A hand full of clubs are currently monopolising the comp with the money they have to spend.
    Each player has the right to chase as much as they can get but if that’s limited it makes it an even playing field.

    1. You are dead right Pat. Some clubs in Group 2 have spent like drunken sailors in search of ‘success’.

      The result of that though has been to hollow out Group2 over the past 5 or 6 years and lessen it as a genuine competition in the true sense of the word.

      Your suggestion makes a lot of sense.

      Given that your suggestion is sensible, and based on past form, I’m willing to bet Group 2 CRL management won’t do what you suggest and when they finally move off their dinosaur backsides and try to do so it will probably be too late.

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