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Atlassian co-founder says Stegall’s climate bill is the type of action Australia needs

Atlassian co-founder Mike Cannon-Brookes has thrown his support behind a climate action bill proposed by the independent Zali Steggall and has urged the major parties to put down the cudgels and support it. By Katharine Murphy and Adam Morton And the Australian Energy Council, representing major electricity and gas businesses, […]

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Do you think there should be public hearings on new Council Chambers/Cultural Center DA? Then read on

EDITORIAL We now know that the Council Chambers/Cultural Cenre (CCCC) DA was the subject of 874 submissions to the NSW Department of Planning, Industry and Environment who are ultimately responsible for approving or denying the application. The vast majority of these submissions opposed the proposed DA with 844 objecting to […]

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“Leaking of RBA cabinet briefing shows an insecure and nervous Government.”

Contrary to last Thursday’s front-page report in The Australian, it’s not all that uncommon for Reserve Bank governors to provide federal cabinet with a confidential economic briefing. By Michael Pascoe What is uncommon, unique even, is for the government to disparagingly leak about the briefing to the ‘LNP Gazette‘. It […]


Author who gave us the term ‘cyberspace’ delivers a brilliant new sci-fi novel

BOOK REVIEW William Gibson made his reputation with his very first novel. Published in 1984 and awarded science fiction’s “triple crown” — the Hugo, Nebula and Philip K. Dick awards — “Neuromancer”wasn’t the book where Gibson coined the now-ubiquitous neologism “cyberspace.” By Cory Doctorow Nor was it the first cyberpunk novel. […]