AU PAIR, OH BOY! Peter Dutton now embroiled in “young Asian women” sex worker scandal involving disgraced mayor Paul Pisasale as nation wonders “what’s the go with the au pairs”

With many Australians wondering “what’s the go with the au pairs” after it was revealed Home Affairs Minster Peter Dutton has stepped in to allow three young, attractive, western-European women entry into Australia despite dodgy visa issues, True Crime News Weekly has now revealed that Mr Dutton has been named by a whistleblower as being regularly contacted by disgraced former Ipswich Mayor, Paul Pisasale, on behalf of “young Asian women”.

Failed prime ministerial aspirant, Peter Dutton, is under increasing pressure this week to explain whether familial links, donations to the Liberal Party, and being an old mate of his have played any part in three curious ministerial decisions to overturn the deportation of three young, attractive women who had attempted to enter Australia while apparently working as “au pairs”.

But in an even stranger twist, True Crime News Weekly can now reveal that the powerful Home Affairs minister is alleged to have received regular phone calls about “young Asian women” and their immigration matters from the disgraced former mayor of Ipswich, Paul Pisasale, who is currently facing a litany of corruption, fraud and extortion charges.

The claims are part of a whistleblower’s document filed with the Queensland Parliament in August of last year.

The heavily redacted document details a list of alleged corrupt activities pursued by Pisasale and others at Ipswich City Council, which include allegations of improper sexual relationships with a variety of women, including sex workers, during official business hours.

“It is known that ex-mayor [REDACTED] has had meetings with former treasurer [REDACTED] … and the Mayor [REDACTED] has also been there on occasion when [REDACTED] has been there as well. ([REDACTED] is the Federal Member for Dickson and the Minister for Immigration),” the whistleblower states in the document.

“It is known that ex-mayor [REDACTED] would often telephone the Immigration Ministers office or department to make representations seeking assistance with immigration processing for young Asian women.”

Pisasale young Asian women Immigration.JPG
A statement from the whistleblower’s claims involving the “Federal Member for Dickson and the Minister for Immigration” (Image: Supplied)

Dutton has been the only sitting member for the Brisbane seat of Dickson since he first won it in November 2001. He was promoted to the position of Immigration Minister in late 2014.

Pisasale is alleged to have had at least one “transactional” sexual relationship with a young Asian woman, Yui Tan Li, who was in Australia on a limited visa.

It is believed Ms Li visited Brisbane in January 2017 to work as a sex worker for at least one week whilst waiting for her new student visa. It is alleged she also met with Pisasale at the time. It is unclear if Ms Li is one of the “young Asian women” that Pisasale is alleged to have made direct representations to Mr Dutton regarding their immigration matters.

Pisasale’s relationship with Ms Li became public knowledge after investigators with Queensland’s Crime and Corruption Commission heard the corrupt ex-mayor on a bugged telephone trying to extort money from Ms Li’s former boyfriend, a married taxi driver in New South Wales.

Disgraced former Ipswich mayor, Paul Pisasale, announcing his resignation in June 2017 two weeks before he was charged with corruption and extortion offences (Image: The Guardian)

With a Senate inquiry currently looking at the granting of visas by Dutton to at least two au pairs – first reported by media back in March – further pressure has been heaped upon Dutton over the past few days after a third au pair case emerged.

In that instance, Dutton overturned a decision to deport a young French au pair, Alexandra Deuwel, in November 2015 just a few hours after receiving a phone call on a Sunday.

Ms Deuwel, who had been in and out of Australia since 2012, was detained by Border Force officials after she arrived at Adelaide Airport on October 31, 2015. By the next day, she was released and allowed entry.

It has since come out that Ms Deuwel had previously been employed by Callum MacLachlan, the joint managing director of the cattle and sheep company Jumbuck Pastoral, whose family are major donors to the Liberal Party.

The family has donated $150,000 or so over the years to the party while six months after Dutton’s intervention in the matter involving Ms Deuwel, Mr MacLachlan’s father Hugh donated $50,000 to the Liberal Party’s South Australian branch.

The desperate phone call made to Dutton to not deport Ms Deuwel came from AFL CEO, Gillon McLachlan, who is the second cousin of Callum MacLachlan. Dutton was Sports Minister from September 2013 until December 2014, and he attended two grand finals as a guest of the AFL.

Leaked documents and email trails show senior Border Force officials were highly alarmed and concerned that Mr Dutton was even considering the approval of a tourist visa for Ms Deuwel.

According to the documents, Ms Deuwel was deemed a “high risk” after having previously been cautioned about her visa conditions and after she admitted she would perform work while in Australia, in direct contravention of a tourist visa.

Border Force Advice to Dutton.JPG
Advice from Border Force officials to Peter Dutton on how at least one of the au pairs, Alexandra Deuwel, was considered to be “high risk” (Image: Supplied)

Meanwhile, it has been reported today that one of the other cases involving the au pairs is linked to a woman who is married to a former police officer colleague of Dutton’s during his time with the Queensland Police two decades ago.

The Senate inquiry looking into Dutton’s granting of the visas is due to report back on September 11. Dutton has spent over $10,000 of taxpayers’ money to prevent access by the media to documents relating to his decisions.

True Crime News Weekly contacted both Dutton and Border Force by email this week.

We asked Dutton “what’s the go with the au pairs”, particularly in light of the tabled document in Queensland’s parliament regarding “young Asian women”.

We then asked Dutton whether the whistleblower was lying when he or she made the claims in the document filed last year.

We also queried Dutton on whether one has to be wealthy or connected to his family, or, be a dodgy politician like Paul Pisasale to have a direct hotline to fast-track immigration matters while ordinary people wait weeks, months and even years for an answer to their cases.

First published at True Crime News Weekly. Thursday 30 August 2018.

See: https://truecrimenewsweekly.com/au-pair-oh-boy-peter-dutton-now-embroiled-in-young-asian-women-sex-worker-scandal-involving-disgraced-mayor-paul-pisasale-as-nation-wonders-whats-the-go-with-the-au-pairs/

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