Are ratepayers facing a loss overall on sale of Museum?

Earlier this week the Coffs Coast Outlook published a story pertaining to questions Councillor Keith Rhoades raised as a matter of urgency at the last Coffs Harbour Council (CHCC) meeting on 26 September.

That story can be found here:

Evidence obtained recently shows Cr Rhoades has now received an answer to his questions from the CHCC.

The questions and answers to them are published in order below;

Items, such as the historic Hardaker taxi seen entering the current Regional Museum when it opened in September 2014, are due to be moved to a new temporary storage facility. Photo – The Northern Star

Q: “Is it true Museum staff and volunteers have been instructed to have some 4,000 items wrapped and moved by 1 December this year?”

A: “It is planned to relocate the Museum collection from the Gordon Street facility by 1 December 2019 in accordance with the Cultural & Civic Space project timetable. As the planned permanent offsite storage facility is yet to be constructed, the collection will be moved to a temporary facility in the interim.’

Q: “Does Council have premises with controlled temperatures to store these items?”

A: “The current facility used for storing the Museum collection is the Old Salvation Army building on Gordon Street……….. A suitable commercial  space has been identified that meets our requirements and exceeds the  environmental control attributes of the current facility in Gordon Street, this  includes an area allowing for more sensitive parts of the collection to be cared  for with the greater environmental controls. It also allows for suitable work  areas, also exceeding the current facility, to carry out collection management  and digitisation activities……… The Museum collection to be relocated consists of an estimated 9,500 objects.’

Q: “Can Council confirm that the current Museum site in Harbour Drive cost approximately $800,000 and has additionally had a refit of approximately $900,000 giving a total asset value/cost to Council of around $1.7M? Is it true market indications are that Council may only get a sale price of approximately $700,000?’

A: “The purchase price of the Museum at 215 Harbour Drive was $812,674 in the 2011 financial year. The total refurbishment costs over multiple financial years, with the majority of these undertaken in the 2014 financial year, was $766,068.”

This rare and valuable lighthouse lens will also need to be moved to the new storage facility

Editors note: Outlook notes that the combined purchase and refurbishment costs of the current Regional Museum at 215 Harbour Drive are $1,578,742.

We also note that no answer seems to have been given to Cr Rhoades question; ” Is it true market indications are that Council may only get a sale price of approximately $700,000?”

However if a sale price of $700,000 is realised as Cr Rhoades has suggested that would mean a potential loss of $878,742. This figure does not include removal costs and any expenditure that might be required to amend a new storage facility.

5 thoughts on “Are ratepayers facing a loss overall on sale of Museum?

  1. I am part Koori. Here we are in October 2019 and the same old same is still happening!!. Corruption,greed, power and ego started when you arrived and put the flag down in Botany Bay. Nothing has changed in the roots of white man’s behaviour. Coffs Harbour City Council is good example. You think you are intelligent !!! Look back in History and see what you have DONE!!!

  2. Hi Brad. I acknowledge that what you have said is the truth. Unfortunately white man have always thought they are the “intelligent race and Elitist. After 60,000,000 years of inhabitance your race is now only a very small minority. Let’s look at this locally with CHCC. Have we ever had a Koori Councillor??? No.. The Elitists and so-called Intelligent have always been the Power People of this LGA. They used too call the Coffs Harbour Mission “Vegemite Village”. I am white and I apologise too you Brad and all Kooris of how white man has treated you. Like you said Brad it’s October 2019 and nothing has changed and CHCC is an excellent example. . It’s 2019 and look at Australia’s Parliament. The White people sailed the world …put their flag down and STOLE the land. Corruption and theft. Majority may rule Brad …but it’s not too say Minority is wrong. Yes Brad look back in history….nothing has changed and CHCC is a great example. Corruption,power,greed and EGO of the Elitist prevails!!! It’s always been about money. The root of all evil is not money. It’s about the LOVE OF MONEY. The ELITIST of Coffs Harbour LOVE MONEY. The truth voters…dig deep enough ….ITS DIRTY BLACK MONEY….and Coffs Harbour Stinks more of dirty money than England’s Roads Waste Depot and Coffs Sewerage Works.!! The Blueberry Industry is a great example of this. Dig,dig ,dig ,dig, and the truth will be revealeaded.

  3. Brad, Ron & Max are you the same person? The reason I ask is that you all misuse the word to/too.

  4. I received strong feedback from the community recently that we want the Museum to remain where it is. The existing building is part of the history of Coffs Harbour and has cost us dearly to get it to where it is today. Inthe new proposed Gordon Street premises the Museum will loose it identity and actually have less space than it currently has. When will the Mayor’s folly end ! Spare the Museum.

  5. There are literally thousands of people in Coffs who totally agree Fran, but with this mayor we have someone used to getting her own way and who believes she can run this place as her own personal fiefdom with the freedom to raid the city’s coffers to achieve her aims, as we’ve seen with the self-serving propaganda this week which has cost ratepayers over $3,000.00.

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