Architects chosen for new Coffs Civic Center/Council Chambers

Architectural firm BVN has been chosen to design Coffs Harbour’s new Cultural and Civic Space in the CBD which could possibly look like the model pictured below.

Could the proposed contentious Civic Centre/Council Chambers look something like this?

“The best news is that the Head of BVN Architecture that we selected went to Jetty High and none of us knew! So it’s great to have that local connection with an international reputation,” Heather McKinnon, Friends of the Coffs Harbour Regional Gallery told the ABC.

“Woollahra library is very similar to what the Coffs community is saying they want in a building. So have a look at that and then by April / May we will have the first design.”

From the ABC Coffs Coast Facebook site – Tuesday 5 February 2019.

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One thought on “Architects chosen for new Coffs Civic Center/Council Chambers

  1. So they are still stampeding ahead with new Council Chambers ten are they? I say that because it is pretty obvious out of the current estimate of $75m only $35m approx of that was for a ‘Civic Center (Arts/Library etc).

    I had no problem with the original Arts/Library Civic Centre concept. The city needs it. Although I thought is should be on City Hill, not the Gordon Street lot the Council failed to sell. But this latest ‘vision’ has all the hallmarks of a Glasshouse like grandiose calamity in the making.

    It has metastasized into a big toy for Council bureaucrats and as a ‘memorial’ for the Councillors who were dumb enough to vote for it. And a potential albatross around ratepayers necks in the future too of course.

    Council reckoned they would get $20m for selling Rigby House in a good market to go towards Gordon Street. Which everyone I know said was ‘very brave’ of them. Now that the property market is deflating what then is council’s Plan B if Rigby House fails to sell at all ot realises way less than $20m? ‘London to a brick’ they don’t have one. Just like their ‘plan’ to sell the land in Gordon Street.

    It’s a pretty ugly track record they have on selling assets isn’t it?

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