Annual Report, Sale of Rose Avenue and Airport on Council agenda

An offer to purchase Council’s Rose Avenue property, Council’s annual report and a report from the GM on the lease/privatisation of the airport are among items of interest on the agenda for this up coming Council Meeting on Thursday 26 November

By The Editor

One item up for Council discussion is the consideration of an offer of $2.1 million to purchase Council’s buildings on the Corner of Rose Ave and Marcia Street.

The sale of the Rose Avenue/Marcia Street property has been listed as “Commercial in Confidence”, surely one of the most misused of terms by this Council .

169-171 Rose Avenue, Coffs Harbour, NSW 2450 - Office For Sale -  realcommercial
An aerial view of the Rose Avenue/Marcia Street buildings up for sale

The following is from Thursday’s agenda;

“Council resolved on 14 May 2020 and again on 13 August 2020 to sell the property located at 169-171 Rose Avenue, Coffs Harbour.  The sale has been included in the funding model of the Cultural and Civic Place Project in Gordon Street, Coffs Harbour and has been determined as surplus to Council’s needs.

The property has been held by Council since October 1992 when it was purchased and it has since been operated as commercial offices and storage both for various tenants and Council operations.  The property comprises a commercially zoned holding upon which is constructed various single level tenancies contained within 3 separate detached and semi-detached buildings.  Additionally, on the property there are storage and garage areas and a fenced yard area.  The property is known as Lot 100 DP 861850 and has a site area of some 4,040 square metres.  The total lettable area of the buildings on site is approximately 755 square metres.

Coffs Harbour Council as part of the sale will continue to occupy a small part of the property which is currently partly occupied by the Coffs Harbour Historical Society, being suite 4 and having an area of 124 square metres and an adjoining car port. Council will enter into a 3-year lease with 3 x 1 year options for continuing tenure initially at a rental of $21,300 per annum gross.

Council have received an offer of $2,100,000 excluding GST for the purchase of the property which is slightly above a recent independent valuation (Confidential Attachment 2) that was commissioned by Council.  The offered price is considered fair and reasonable and it is recommended that Council accept the offer.

Recommendation: That Council:
1.    Approve the sale of 169-171 Rose Avenue, Coffs Harbour at the agreed price of $2,100,000 exclusive of GST to the party listed in confidential attachment 3 to this report.
2.    Note that each party will pay their own conveyancing costs in relation to the matter.
3.    Execute all documents necessary to facilitate the sale and under the common seal of Council if required.

The July valuation document for this property has also been deemed to be “confidential”

The airport

Coffs Harbour Regional Airport

Council voted on 27 August last 4/4, with the casting vote of the Mayor, again, to;

“progress the airport lease through negotiation and to receive a further report on the outcome of the negotiations.  This report brings before Council the outcomes of the negotiations.

The lease process has been undertaken in line with the strict requirements of the Airport Lease Probity Plan which has been overseen by external probity advisors O’Connor Marsden (OCM).

Recommendation: That Council:
1.    Note the outcome of the lease negotiations with the preferred tenderer (Confidential Attachment 1).
2.    Delegate the General Manager authority to execute on behalf of Council the Implementation Agreement, Equity Commitment Deed, Airport Lease, Airport Lease Supplemental Deed, Transitional Services Agreement, Development Agreement and Independent Certifier Deed (Confidential Attachment 2).
3.    Request a report on the holding structure and governance arrangements for funds received from the airport lease.
4.    Note the development of a joint communication plan with the preferred tenderer.
Emphasis above added by CCO.

Annual report

Lastly the annual report is presented in the agenda for this Thursday’s Council meeting as follows;

“The Annual Report addresses the period 1 July 2019 to 30 June 2020.

Section 1 of the report focuses on Council’s significant achievements during the year in implementing its Delivery Program.

Section 2 of the Annual Report provides information that is prescribed by the Local Government (General) Regulation 2005. It is considered important for the community to have access to this information so it can better understand how Council has been performing both as a service provider and in providing a leadership role within the community.

Section 3 of the Annual Report contains Council’s audited Annual Financial Statements (tabled with Council on 22 October 2020 – refer to BS 20/58).

Once adopted, it is proposed that the documents will be principally accessed via Council’s website, with printed copies available at Council’s main administration building and the three library locations.


Section 1 of the Annual Report details the considerable record of achievement by Council and its workforce in delivering positive outcomes for the Coffs Harbour Local Government Area (LGA) community. The reporting period saw many highlights, including:

–    The official opening of the $18m redevelopment of the C.ex Coffs International Stadium;

–    The completion of works and reopening of the $1.2 million West Coffs Reserve District Park and the $2-million City Square revitalisation

–    Council progressing the planning and design of the new Cultural and Civic Space, including approval for the demolition of existing site buildings;

–    Two very successful Elton John concerts in February;

–    The West Woolgoolga Sports Complex moving closer to reality with the announcement in June of a $10m Federal Government grant towards the project;

–    Council winning the globally-acclaimed International Festivals and Events Association (IFEA) World Festival and Event City Award for the fifth year in a row;

–    Council being named Local Council of the Year at the NSW Champion of Sports Awards run by Sport NSW;

–    Significant investment in upgrading all four Coffs Coast Holiday Parks;

–    The commencement of construction of the Coffs Harbour Airport Enterprise Park

–    The Build the Best Bypass Campaign which assisted in facilitating the State Government’s commitment to constructing tunnels for the Coffs Harbour Bypass;

–    The adoption by Council of the Positive Ageing Strategy 2020-2024, the Library Museum Gallery Strategy 2020-2023 and the Lifeguard Services Strategic Plan 2019-2024;

–    The adoption by Council and NSW Government endorsement of Chapters 1-4 (Strategic Approach) and Chapter 6 (Large Lot Residential Lands) of the Coffs Harbour Local Growth Management Strategy;

–    The adoption by Council of “Yandaarra – Shifting Camp Together” – an Aboriginal Cultural Awareness and Engagement Guide, developed to assist Councillors, staff and volunteers to provide a consistent and respectful approach to engaging with the Aboriginal community;

–    The completion of water reservoir refurbishment projects at Toormina, Sapphire Beach and Emerald Beach;

–    Extensive water, sewer and transport asset works including water main extensions at Moonee Beach, Sandy Beach, and Woolgoolga.

Section 2 of the Annual Report contains statutory information. It addresses specific reporting requirements set out in the Local Government Act, General Regulation and other legislation.

These include:

–    Overseas visits by councillors and council staff

–    Mayoral and councillor fees and expenses

–    Contracts ($150,000+) awarded by Council

–    Amounts incurred in relation to legal proceedings

–    Private works and financial assistance

–    Rates and Charges written off

–    External bodies, companies and partnerships

–    Planning Agreements

–    Environmental Upgrade Agreements

–    Equal employment opportunity activities

–    Total expenditure on General Manager and Senior Staff remuneration

–    Information on stormwater levies and charges

–    Information on companion animals’ management

–    Details of Assets Acquired and Held and the Condition of Public Works

–    The outcomes of programs funded through Special Rate Variations

–    Capital Works Projects

–    Details of inspections of private swimming pools

–    Public Interest Disclosures Annual report

–    Government Information (Public Access) Act – Annual Report for Coffs Harbour City Council

–    The annual summary report relating to the implementation of Council’s Disability Inclusion Action Plan.

Council’s audited Annual Financial Statements for 2019/20 were tabled with Council on 22 October 2020 (refer to BS20/58).

The financial statements consist of three distinct sections:

1.   The General Purpose Financial Statements

2.   The Special Purpose Financial Statements

3.   The Special Schedules

The General Purpose Financial Statements, Special Purpose Financial Statements and Special Schedules are presented as part of Council’s Annual Report in accordance with statutory and regulatory requirements.”

this will be the second last Council Meeting for 2020 for the current councillors

The full Council agenda can be found here;

2021 meeting dates

The following are the scheduled Council Meeting dates for 2021;



1.       No Council meetings be scheduled for January 2021.

2.       Meetings from February to November 2021 are scheduled on the second and fourth Thursday of each month.

3.       No meetings will be held in September due to the 2021 Local Government Elections.

4.       The last Council meeting for 2021 be scheduled on 9 December 2021.

This Thursday’s meeting is the second to last meeting for 2020. The last meeting will be held on Thursday 10 December at 5.00 p.m. (17.00 hrs EDST).

If adopted this means the first Council meeting for 2021 will be Thursday 11 February.


2 thoughts on “Annual Report, Sale of Rose Avenue and Airport on Council agenda

  1. We probably should clarify some of the wording to put it in a real-world CHCC sense:

    “It is recommended []” means that councillors have already agreed but shall follow established process of asking three or four inane and meandering semi-questions prior to an equally meaningless vote. In the event of a pending nay vote, a councillor is required to apologise for attempting no more than a quarter of an argument against and shall speak from a supine position underneath their desk. At all times this councillor’s eyes are to remain downcast and the balance or significant thrust of their speech shall be in celebration of the tremendous achievements this council has attained, with a particularly overdone hallelujah to their astounding teamship.

    The General Manager will answer these semi-questions by flick passing to a Director while maintaining the buffed air of competence after adjusting his suit front. In the event of a semi-question pointing possibly towards a result against the recommendation the General Manager will speak at an equally meandering length about process and procedures thereby providing exceptional managerial knowledge for display purposes and not answering the semi-question. However, if the semi-question possibly points towards how good the recommendation is his answer shall be brief and forthright serving to affirm the recommendation and lower a councillor’s desk for a follow-up apologia.

    The use of “um” and “like” and “ah” and “er” is encouraged during a councillor’s speech, with special commendation given to using as many as possible within a sentence thereby giving the impression of great thought.

    1. The key signs that tell you if someone is lying.
      * People that are lying tend to move their head position quickly.
      * Their breathing also may change.
      * They tend to stand still.
      * They may repeat words or phrases.
      * They may provide too much information.
      * They may touch or partly cover their mouth.

      Is this not sometimes on display at the fortnightly council meeting by the suited gentleman sitting auprès de the Mayor ?

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