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Andrew Fraser on meeting Local Government Minister about Civic Space project

The following is a link to a Triple M interview with Andrew Fraser about a meeting he and other Citizen’s Voice representatives had yesterday with the Minister for Local Government about the proposed CHCC Civic Space/New Council Chambers project.

Former Coffs Harbour MLC, Andrew Fraser

Listen here; https://omny.fm/shows/triple-m-coffs-breakfast/andrew-fraser-speaks-about-meeting-with-local-gove?fbclid=IwAR1qSYbShB92CUvfQ6mJWTWdqw31H8PRunXK3JwpbjJ6AyOg59sOJR7-0AM

First published by Triple M Coffs Coast Friday September 27, 2019 at 7:02 AM


  1. Just listened to the audio of another Council Meeting of last nights meeting. Mayor Knight still cannot chair a council meeting without mistake after mistake. GM Steve McGrath may as well as add Mayor to his profile as this dumb blond has no idea!!! She acts like an infants school principal and hands everything to Dictator Steve McGrath who loves to Control everything. Cr Michael Adenorff gets silenced my Mayor Knight every time he opens his mouth. Mayor Knight keeps saying I need glasses….No Mayor Knight you need the sack.!!!! Thank the Lord we have you Andrew Fraser and Co to try and sort this CHCC Circus out. Sack the lot of these incompetent ego power mad narcissists!!! Cr Michael Adenorff your waffle in Wednesdays Advocate was a load of BS.

    • I agree with your every word, Ron. However, if you were Knight or McGrath wouldn’t you gag Adendorff who is full of hogwash and BS? To think that Adendorff came so close to becoming deputy mayor.
      CHCC is nothing less than a big joke at our expense.

  2. Gabrielle Brabander

    Thank you Ann, Andrew, Steve and Gurmesh for meeting with the Minister. All your continued hard work and commitment to community is greatly appreciated.

  3. If all the councillors (not just 4) and GM were doing their job and truly listening to community the Minister would not have to be involved. This is a disgraceful situation that reflects verly poorly on our city.
    Thanks Ann Leonard, Andrew Fraser, Steve Gooley and Gurmesh Singh.

  4. Public service and public trust is meant to go hand in hand. Sadly, in Coffs Harbour those public officials within CHCC have lost the trust of the community and there’s nothing they can do to restore it

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