ALP: “What is going on with Coffs by-pass start/finish dates?”

Within eight hours of announcing in writing the Coffs Harbour Bypass start and finish years yesterday, the Government backed down, mysteriously removing any reference to the dates on the Minister’s and National Party’s website.

A news release was handed to media at yesterday’s event in Coffs Harbour

The second last sentence of the release states ;   “Construction is expected to commence in 2020 and be completed in 2024”.

But in the version of the release put on the Minister’s website and the National Party website, this sentence has been removed.

In the great tradition of the National Party, there’s a commitment in the morning and it is gone by the afternoon.

This can hardly be a ‘cut and paste’ error as there’s text either side of the deleted sentence on the websites. It is a deliberate omission.

And remember, this project is yet to be “Assessed” by the Federal Government’s project delivery organisation, Infrastructure Australia.

Questions for Mr McCormack and Mr Hartsuyker:

  • What the hell is going on?
  • Why was this sentence removed from the online versions?
  • Are you still committed to a 2020 start date and 2024 finish date?
  • Did the Department in Canberra prepare this the release without the sentence but it was added here in Coffs Harbour in the paper version, hoping you could get away with it locally but not be held to account nationally?
  • Who made this decision?

Or is it because it appears that Mr McCormack misinformed or deliberately mislead Parliament last week and was trying to avoid being caught. In Parliament on 8 May 2018, Mr McCormack said:

“Construction will start in 2021” and “we expect the project to be completed in 2023”

See below for evidence from Hansard last week.

ALP Press Release – Thursday 17 May 2018.

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