Airport rescission motion defeated – long term lease to proceed

Coffs Harbour City Councillors were tied 4-4 last evening over a motion to reverse plans to proceed with a plan to lease out the airport. But this time, the Mayor Denise Knight didn’t use her casting vote.

Image; ABC Coffs Coast.

According to the ABC Coffs Coast this is because under the Council’s code of meeting practice, if the chair doesn’t exercise their second vote the motion being voted upon is lost.

This of course means Mayor Knight’s original casting vote last Thursday effectively ensured the lease went ahead.


The following opinion/comment was sent to CCO last night by ‘Scriptwriter’;

Script written at 2.57pm Wednesday. Four copies printed, disbursed.


Actors are gathered centre stage. A council meeting.

A mayor: Five PM, I declare the meeting open. The motion is put. Do I have a speaker for?

A councillor: [mumbles; inaudible]

A mayor: Do I have a speaker against? [Pauses] No? I put it to the vote. [mayor counts out loud] Four votes for, for votes against. I use my casting vote. The motion is lost. Five-o three PM, I declare the meeting closed.

Next day, a Thursday. First thing. A phone call overheard

Speaker 1: Yes?

Speaker 2: As promised. Some t’s to cross. Will be done by Friday next. They can’t rescind again in that time. All yours. And your children. And their children.



4 thoughts on “Airport rescission motion defeated – long term lease to proceed

  1. Something very special I would like to place here on community public record. Unique, rare, and enlightened and positive.

    Please let me a moment to provide some context. I listened to this public meeting, where the energy in chambers was indeed extraordinary. We now know a bomb threat had been posed, we didn’t while listening. But that wasn’t the cause for the intensity and distress, which would have been there any way, though that didn’t help. This was a real-life moment when four councillors had already made up their minds, didn’t want to be there, wanted this meeting as a matter of procedure to be over, and had already decided there was no need to speak against the motion, and wouldn’t. Within this was an air that maybe, just maybe, one of those councillors would listen to what was coming, why the motion had been called. The energy of historical consequence could not have been stronger.

    One woman stood in that room and spoke truth to power. She was magnificent. In real time, in the moment, I was in awe. It is quite impossible to describe how difficult it would have been to stand up and speak, the nature of that mindset against you. It was the speech of the night. It is the speech that defines Coffs Harbour’s historical moment and requires a special place in our history.

    Gai Anderson, walk tall.

    Editor: Here, here 40cm – I agree 110%. Extremely well said Gai.

  2. I would really encourage people wanting to know what happens in Council chambers and who stands for what to take the time to listen to what happened on Wednesday (about an hour recording) here:
    It’s an excellent insight into the approach of various Councillors and is an excellent way to start to make an informed decision on who you will vote for next year.

  3. Yes Kate I agree, so others can listen and realize how childish some of the councilors can be with their remarks some times I think I am back at school as that is how they effect me, and when Knight makes it all about her saying she wishes she was 54 again.

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