Additional Pfizer vaccines available for Mid North Coast Aboriginal Community

Additional COVID-19 Pfizer vaccinations will be available through Galambila Aboriginal Health Service with an accelerated rollout to 31 October 2021 to increase vaccination rates for the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community across the region.

Galambila has been vaccinating our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander clients since March 2021 and has given approximately 1,500 COVID-19 vaccinations.

Galambila CEO Tracy Singleton said, “We have averaged 175 vaccinations a week in the last month on top of maintaining our vital primary health care functions. This has been an incredible feat and has been due to the dedication of our staff and our amazing Community that has come forward.” 

Our efforts have resulted in around 15% of our clients being fully vaccinated, with 31% receiving at least one dose of a COVID-19 vaccine. 

However, there is still an enormous gap in vaccination rates. “Across our region, we need to achieve 80% double dose rate to provide the best protection for our community. Unfortunately, the Mid North Coast Aboriginal vaccination rates are only sitting at around 15% double dose compared to the current State average approaching 50%.” 

At Galambila, we are proud of our vaccination rates and being able to deliver all available vaccine supplies we have received to date.  We have even accepted supplies from other areas that did not believe they would be able to utilise them before the expiry date.

To make sure the Mid North Coast has the best chance of achieving the 80% double dose vaccination targets, Galambila is working in collaboration with the Mid North Coast Local Health District, Healthy North Coast and Aboriginal community organisations in the region.

The Galambila administration building will be repurposed for the next 6 weeks and will be our vaccination hub.  On Saturday, 18 September there will be a Super Saturday vaccination day in our Clinic to fast track our efforts to get our mob protected.

We are aiming to vaccinate up to 750 people and a follow up for the second dose will be completed on Saturday, 9 October 2021. 

Tracy said, “If you identify and are recognised as Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander please call our clinic on 6652 0800 to make an appointment.  You don’t have to be an active client at Galambila, we are welcoming all Aboriginal Community members to get their vaccination.  Together we can protect our Mob.”

Here is the Galambila Facebook page;

Galambila will not be vaccinating non-Indigenous non-clients and encourages this population to book an appointment through the Covid Vaccine online eligibility checker.


The above is a 14 September media release from Galambila and is published in the interests of public health.

Lead photo: TIME magazine

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