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About the Coffs Coast Outlook

The Coffs Coast Outlook was started in 2012, as the Coffs Outlook, to bring Coffs Harbour and environs news and commentary from a distinctively grassroots perspective. In early 2018 we relaunched as the Coffs Coast Outlook with a view to widening our coverage to also include the Bellingen and Nambucca shire areas. Our mission is to provide an alternative  forum for the views of those living in this area, but on a larger scale than was previously the case.

We are, at present, an all volunteer organisation. That may change as we evolve. We are just going to see where this new angle takes us.

We are here to give an alternative voice to the Coffs Coast and to keep you up to date and involved in our region and our world. What can you do here?  You can interact, propose and agitate.

We are looking for local writers, bloggers, photographers and citizen journalists who may or may not have their own social media sites and/or websites and would like to expand their audience, or want to write about issues that affect them and their neighbors but don’t have an outlet. You can reach us by email at [email protected]

The Coffs Coast Outlook was founded by Hugh Saddleton who is the Emeritus Editor.  The site is administered and edited  by Grant Cairncross (Editor) with contributions and advice from our old friend Rob.

If you  want your information to appear here, try writing something up (please don’t make it sound like a press release). We do not have reporters in a traditional sense to dispatch to cover events or sub-editors who can be put onto stories. Press Releases that are published will be clearly identified as such.

About once a week we got comments/emails taking us to task for not being “objective.” You would think that the “Alternative Voice” part of our logo might be a clue. But some people don’t get it.

We’re not objective, whatever that is. We don’t believe that it is even possible to write about anything without referencing ones values and worldview. We do, however, try to be honest and we do try to present as many views as possible – even if we don’t personally always agree with them.

Coffs Coast Outlook Terms and Conditions

The Coffs Coast Outlook  gives preference to submissions about local and regional issues with a grassroots alternative perspective to the mainstream media (MSM).  That is why you will find some MSM stories here but there will also be stories from alternative media sources and citizen journalists prominently featured.  We will cover international and national issues, arts, sport,  business and science/tech but we will give priority to Coffs Coast stories that relate to these categories wherever possible.

Write about what you know and what you care about.

  • We are an all-volunteer group of citizen journalists. No one gets paid at this time.
  • Send all submissions to [email protected]    We don’t publish every submission we receive and we do reserve the right to edit where necessary. 
  • Also feel free to send photos in a jpeg format (see more below).

Here’s what you need to know:

  1. If your work appears on this site, it’s because you have given us permission to publish it. It’s the point of the site – to be a microphone to a multitude of voices and viewpoints that otherwise would not be heard, particularly in MSM outlets nationally and locally. It should go without saying, then, that the views and opinions expressed in each article published on this site are not necessarily held by the site or staff itself. The content created by non-staff Contributors is the sole responsibility of that Contributor.  The Coffs Coast Outlook (CCO)  does not endorse nor guarantee the accuracy and completeness of this work. We are simply acting as a platform for grassroots publishing.
  2. Furthermore, if the CCO accepts your submission as a Contributor in any media format for publication, we retain control of the content – i.e. it belongs to the CCO. We may further distribute that content in our Facebook, Twitter and other social media pages, email newsletters, etc. While you retain the copyright of your original work, CCO retains the copyright on that content as it is distributed on the CCO site and affiliated outlets. In other words, we do not “take down” published articles unless these narrow criteria are met:
        • The safety of the writer is in jeopardy;
        • The article was improperly vetted by the author (hoax) or sent with intent to deceive (malicious);
        • The points spelt out in 6 below, and
        • Under very specific legal direction.
  1. We currently can’t pay you for your submission. Currently, we are an all-volunteer group of citizen journalists dedicating our free time to running, promoting, and maintaining the CCO. We rely solely on the generous donations of our readers to keep the lights on, and the server up and running but we do hope to be able to host paid advertising eventually.
  2. If the content that originates and/or is distributed on the CCO site is re-posted elsewhere:
        • Let us know the name of the publication;
        • The CCO origination must be cited just as we cite other links we publish on this site.
  1. The CCO can edit the content of your submission, including headlines, subtitles and general layout.
  2. Upon submission, you assert that your submission is original work. We don’t tolerate plagiarism, defamation, or lying and if proven these will lead to deletion and a statement as to why a story has been deleted. We reserve the right to remove or not publish content without prior notice if necessary. The same goes for images, video, and any other media provided along with your submission. We need to know the source of the additional media (name of the creator, or URL where it can be found). We will not post any such media without the proper attribution. Everyone deserves credit for their work. Feel free to put hyperlinks into your submissions.  This is encouraged.  Additionally, your work should not be in violation of any law or contractual agreement. You must advise us if it has been previously posted elsewhere.
  3. As a Contributor, you must hold the CCO harmless. The CCO is not liable if the content you provide violates someone else’s reputation, or for damages regarding your submission. Remember, we are just a platform. If you mess up and suffer legal harm as a result of a violation of these Terms and Conditions, that’s on you.
  4. As a Contributor, you must read and sign in agreement with our Terms and Conditions prior to the publication of your submission. This can be done by completing the following statement, and copying and pasting it in an email to us: “I, [insert legal first and last name], have read, understand, and agree with the Coffs Coast Outlook Terms and Conditions.”  This agreement will not be published on the site – it will be removed from any published story and/or photos or images you submit.   Alternatively you may receive an email from us asking you to confirm this if you do not attach it to your submitted work. The CCO and a Contributor do not have to sign the same copy of agreement.
  5. We’ve already said this a lot already, but here’s some legalese to satisfy our lawyers: The CCO and its affiliates, and their respective members, directors, officers, managers, employees, shareholders, agents are not liable for incidental, indirect, consequential, special, punitive, or exemplary damages of any kind, including, without limitation, lost revenues or profits, loss of business or loss of data, in any way related to this site or for any claim, loss or injury based on errors, omissions, interruptions or other inaccuracies in our site (including, without limitation, as a result of breach of any warranty or other term of these Terms and Conditions).

Are you still here? Excellent! Now, for the fun stuff.

  1. Most articles should be around 450-500 words. You may write less; you may write more, but we’ll probably break it up into multiple parts published on different days so that more people will read it if it is longer than 500 words.
  2. Please email us  directly at [email protected]  if you wish to submit a video, photo-essay, poem or political cartoons.
  3. Please use spell check, and edit carefully before you submit.
  4. It may take up to a week to post an article unless it’s truly time sensitive. Please let us know in the subject line, i.e. Submission — Time Sensitive.
  5. If you state something that isn’t a commonly known fact or as the basis of an argument, you must provide a hyper-link to support the said statement. If you can’t embed a hyperlink, paste the URL next to the sentence.
  6. You can send your articles as an attached Word document, or cut and paste it into body of your email. No PDFs – they are impossible (read: incredibly time consuming) to properly reformat on the CCO WordPress site.
  7. If you have personal images or have identified a fair use image, attach as a JPEG. This is mentioned above, but it’s worth the repeat: We need to know the source of all non-original images submitted – i.e. the name of photographer or the URL. We will not post the image without proper image attribution.
  8. Provide a short biography with your first submission (three to four sentences is plenty). Anonymous nom de plumes are fine so long as we at outlook can confirm your identity (which wont be published)..
  9. We do not publish lengthy academic submissions. Please edit your submission for an audience of average citizens. Specialized vocabulary needs to be defined. Do not use footnotes – use links (hyperlinks) instead. Write for a reading age of about 16 and you will be fine.
  10. While we welcome press releases, we generally do not print them whole unless we state that what is being published is a press release and that it is being published largely unedited except for fixing any typos etc. Also we are not interested in sponsored content of any kind unless some genuine newsworthy angle can be established in it.
  11. We try to be professional. That doesn’t mean we don’t make mistakes occasionally though. If you take issue with your published article or find an editorial error, please contact us directly via email at ………..  Facebook, Twitter and the public comment section of an article are not the appropriate places to resolve these sort of issues.
  12. If you have questions about submitting (in particular how to attach documents or attribute photos), please contact us for assistance.


This is largely based on the FAQ/About Us from the San Diego Free Press site: https://sandiegofreepress.org/about-the-san-diego-free-press/

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