A win for community over developers on Lot 2 Sawtell

Coffs Coast Outlook understands that the proponent for developing Lot 2 near Sawtell had asked to withdraw from the Land and Environment Court Hearing, and the court has granted their wish.

The proposed controversial Lot 2 DA which has now been withdrawn

This means they have relinquished any right of appeal and the matter will be brought to a close. Coffs Harbour City Council will now most likely pursue their considerable costs from the development proponent.

The official statement reads: “The applicant has been granted leave to file a notice of discontinuance which they will do by close of business Monday” (that being Monday 24th Feb)

The proposed DA threatened to destroy a Koala corridor

Dave Woods, the spokesperson for the large group of local residents and friends who have been opposed to the controversial DA since it was made in April 2018, said “we are obviously very very happy … and relieved!”

Previous CCO stories on this can be found here; https://coffscoastoutlook.com.au/lot-2-sawtell-road-dispute-headed-for-court/ and here; https://coffscoastoutlook.com.au/the-latest-on-lot-2-and-other-da-applications-in-sawtell/ and. lastly, here too; https://coffscoastoutlook.com.au/what-is-happening-with-lot-2-sawtell/

4 thoughts on “A win for community over developers on Lot 2 Sawtell

  1. Who says some disasters don’t have a silver lining?

    With the catastrophic destruction of Koala habitat due to our horrible fire season not even developers were prepared to wear the flack of wilfully and with greed not need, go ahead with destroying even more of the shrinking precious space our wildlife needs in order to survive.

    The community action that ensured this matter was dragged out should be a sign to others that if there is persistence on a matter of environmental importance there can often be positive outcomes but if there is not we might as well give up and bulldoze the lot right now.

  2. Well the housing estate next to it,where those who were against it live,was bulldozed to build their homes.

  3. In reply to Kerry Hiscox comment above ,the land next to lot 2 was a farm that was later subdivided into a housing development. The farmhouse is on Sawtell Road. Before the farms im sure it would have been all trees and bush.However Lot 2 is a Koala and wildlife corridor marked and mapped on the KPOM and after the recent bushfires its even more significant as we have an untouched colony of koalas that need to move around in these corridors in order to breed.

  4. Kerry ,
    I think you have been hit out , we are learning all the time that we have to protect most of what is left now, and that it would have been better if habitat areas had been protected in the past, but they weren’t.

    Lets look at what we have got left now and protect it and seek to restore some of what we lost if we need to.

    We all know more now than we did in the past .

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