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Local Premier League Soccer announce details of their Grand Finals this coming weekend

This year, grand finals are at C.ex Coffs International Stadium, Coffs Coast Sport and Leisure Park and Rushforth Park in Grafton.

2019’s Junior females Grand Finalists
  • Due to a reduced number of days available for matches this year, there’s only one weekend of semi-finals this year. They will occur on 8, 9 and 10 October 2020 in most competitions. With this format, first plays fourth and second plays third. The winner of each match goes through to the grand final.
  • The semi-final matches will be finalised by Tuesday afternoon, with the receipt of team sheets from tonight (Friday) and others NCF is seeking from clubs.
  • There is no semi-final in Coastal Premier League North Conference in 2020. First plays second in the Grand Final on 17 October 2020.
  • Other grand finals are on 16 and 17 October 2020 in junior competitive, seniors and Women’s Over 30.
  • The Men’s Over 35 semi-finals will occur on Thursday 22 October 2020, and the grand final occurs on Friday 30 October 2020.

Planning for this year’s final series has aligned with COVID-19 safety requirements of state and local governments and the potential for hotter weather, as the season is finishing a month later than usual for most.
In Coffs Harbour, all junior competitive grand finals are at Coffs Coast Sport and Leisure Park. There will be no charge for attendance. Attendance at matches, due to government COVID-19 safety laws, is capped at 500 people.
Also in Coffs Harbour, all seniors and the Over 30’s Women’s grand finals are at the C.ex Coffs International Stadium on the Friday night and in two sessions on Saturday. The grand finals at C.ex International Stadium are ticketed, and sales for each session capped at 2,000 people. Tickets must be pre-purchased online. There’s no box office or cash sales. Tickets will go on sale on Sunday, 11 October 2020 and more details will be released then.
In Grafton, the grand finals are at Rushforth Park and are the first major event to use the new $1.6 million amenities building. Rushforth Park will host all junior competitive and seniors matches. Attendance at matches, due to government COVID-19 safety laws, is capped at 500 people.
NCF has worked with clubs and local government on putting the 2020 finals program together and thanks them for their support.
The full program as at 2 October 2020 can be downloaded here: Link or viewed here .

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