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Call for protest outside Council Chambers this Thursday evening

Citizens Voice, who were behind last year’s petition that gained approximately 15,000 signatures against the CCS in Gordon Street have called for citizens to attend a peaceful protest outside the Coffs Harbour City Council Chambers this Thursday at 4.30 p.m.

By the Editor

On the Agenda at the Council meeting that evening are two important issues related to the $76.5m Cultural & Civic Space (CCS) development proposed for Gordon Street. 

Citizens Voice member George Partos burns his rates notice outside the CHCC Chambers last week – Photo Coffs Coast News of the Area.

These items are :

·         Awarding the tender and giving the go ahead for the demolition of the existing Gordon Street property

·         Accepting the offer of $950,000 for the sale of the existing heritage-listed museum building at 215 Harbour Drive.  (See below info.)

These two important steps towards progressing this Cultural Space project will start to lock the community in and will be decided STILL in the absence of the vital DA approval from the Department of Planning.

Citizen’s Voice believe the majority of the community are still not supportive of this project with 1251 people having rercently already voiced their disapproval, and for many anger, by signing yet another petition to pause the development. 

Further Museum Info–

The purchase price of the Museum in 2011 was $812,674. The total refurbishment costs over multiple financial years, with the majority of these undertaken in the in the 2014 financial year, was $766,068.  Total cost to the community $1,578,742.  And we will accept $950,000.

Since December 2019 Council has rented space to store excess museum items totalling some 9,500 items.

Once property is sold, Council will enter into a 3 year lease back arrangement with the purchaser at an initial rent of $65,000 per annum. ? 

Citizens Voice have asked citizens to attend a peaceful, Covid aware protest gathering outside the Council Chambers before the Council meeting is scheduled to commence.

Concept For Losing Or Wasting Money With A Hand Dropping Dollar.. Royalty  Free Cliparts, Vectors, And Stock Illustration. Image 59584448.
Sale of Museum equals a 50% loss? Citizens Voice argue that the CCS proposal is starting to replicate this.

The current e-petition can be found on the N.S.W. e-petition site at the link below;



  1. YES we will be there with MASKS on.

  2. Financial crisis grips Central Coast Council as budget deficit hits $89 million.
    Take Notice CHCC will be next in my opinion, with the Mob we have now, we must do something NOW.

  3. Ratepayers Livelihood Matters .

  4. Richard McDermott

    Coffs Harbour people don’t do public protests well even in the best of times I think its a ‘ my neighbours might see me’ thing.

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