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‘How retirement village idea made it onto Jetty proposal’: Gurmesh Singh

Triple M’s Moffee interviewed Coffs Harbour MP Gurmesh Singh this morning about how the now controversial retirement village proposal for the fishing club came to appear on the Jetty Foreshores redevelopment proposal released last Friday.

Also discussed was the future of the yacht club in the Jetty area too.

The draft proposal released last Friday

Click on the URL link below to listen.


  1. As the ratepayer who asked Melinda Pavey how the retirement living concept made it onto the plans distributed at the Jetty on Friday I found the response most instructive but unfortunately not surprising.

    Lets put a charitable spin on it and say she wasn’t deliberately lying when without blinking she blamed it on the council. The only other take is we have yet another politician so full of hubris that she can’t admit she didn’t know the answer. How much aggravation would have been saved if she said I don’t know but I will find out for you.
    They say we get the politicians we deserve. I can’t help but wonder what we have done to deserve this.

  2. Pretty easy really – stop voting for these crooks…

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