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Online poll – massive majority declares ‘no confidence’ in CHCC Mayor and GM

In three local Facebook pages, a Straw Poll was conducted recently with the question: “Do you as a Ratepayer or Resident of Coffs Harbour have confidence in the Mayor and General Manager to run OUR City in a financially responsible manner.”

Guest Editorial – by the Coffs Coast Independent News

The Poll ran for 5 days, in Coffs Harbour, Woolgoolga and Sawtell /Toormina Facebook pages run by community members.

Vox pop poll expresses strong lack of confidence in GM and mayor to run the CHCC in a financially responsible manner

The results gave a resounding NO to the question.

604 votes were cast. 597 gave a NO Vote while just seven (7) said YES that they thought that the City’s finances were being managed responsibly by the Mayor and General Manager.

The comments alone were quite scathing of the Mayor and General Manager.

You can read them at the Coffs Coast Independent News, Woolgoolga and the Northern Beaches – What’s Happening ! and Toormina/Coffs Neighbourhood Watch  Facebook pages.

While admittedly it was a limited “straw poll”, and therefore not scientifically based, the numbers, if translated across the voting residents of Coffs Harbour, tells us that our community lacks confidence that the City’s leadership is acting the best interests of our city.

One would hope that the message is breaking through to the Mayor and General Manager by now, or at least to the other seven Councillors.

The Councillors should be taking this vote very seriously and calling on the Mayor to either conduct a Poll through a professional Pollster seeking the community’s support or otherwise on the Council’s Gordon Street project or face a Motion of NO CONFIDENCE in her and the General Manager at a forth coming Council meeting.

While ever we cannot have a Council Election until 2021, our Councillors must not allow the Mayor and General Manager to keep spending OUR money like drunken sailors out on a night on the town.


  1. 40cmPedestalFan


    This should be presented to, or picked up by, traditional media. It should also be pursued by them: that is, followed up after publishing or broadcasting. No time now for beneficent good-will based wimpiness.

    Councillors have had ample opportunity to do the right thing but they’ve resorted to insipid motions without persuasive argument again, and again, and again. And getting smacked down each time. You’d think they would take more pride in their elected position.

    If a No Confidence motion isn’t moved, here is my opinion as to why for each Councillor:

    Knight: lost cause.

    Townley: too obstinately baked into the CC? project and therefore
    wants the status quo maintained?

    Ceccato: ideologically bound. Status quo suits him too much. Exhibits
    an intellectually arrogant approach.

    Adendorff: ideologically bound. Status quo suits him too much.
    Exhibits a minimal approach.

    Rhoades: too much baggage, will be seen as a personal vendetta even
    if it isn’t.

    Swan: too ‘green’.

    Amos: too constricted by worrying about doing the wrong thing, too
    constricted by worrying about doing the right thing.

    Arkan: too apologetic.

    Again, that’s a personal opinion formed by how each Councillor
    presents publicly. But this response is a big, big message from the
    public and it just may bring out a couple of Councillors’ better

    • Ahhhh “40 cm” …. gotta say that I can totally see why you have summarised – for almost all the points you make, and as to being for most councillors -with the observations you have made.

      Are you also, or could you perhaps try to be, a political cartoonist …. to give a visual expression of your impressions …

      As “they” say …..
      Love ya work, 40″
      Please have a look at this group and both consider requesting to Join and to share it’s existence with anyone you my know who might be interested. Have a lovely day, Gai


  2. Karen lagalla

    What a load of rubbish. The pages were members only pages the poll is a not representative most people are apathetic anyhow. I have been a member on and off at the whim of admin or until I was bullied off for daring to not follow the vexatious objector line. They are a disparate bunch who do not even have consensus amongst themselves.

    • What exactly do you mean by this gobbldygook Karen?; “for daring to not follow the vexatious objector line”.

      Vexatious objector? What precisely is that! Someone with an opinion different to the one you hold and dares to give voice to it?

      Or is it some half baked term some overpaid PR numpty in Council spoon fed you so you can spit their drivel out for them like some low paid myrmidon?

      • I believe Karen has just admitted that her comments tend to be annoying, irritating, irksome and sometimes infuriating and are the primary reason she has been “bullied off” other sites.

    • Good on you karen. Its grate to hear your writing again. Your right. Its all rubbish about the pole. Not all the voters were even legible to vote. As you say most people are pathetic and the votes were not even 100%. 7 people said Denise was doing a good job. If everyone said no the result would have been anonimuss but it wasn’t so they cant say that she is doing a bad job.
      Denise is doing a grate job. She doesn’t make mistakes like other people. Shes a trained health professor so she cant afford to make diabollicle restructive errors which irreverently cost peoples lives.
      Your also right to say that the others are disparate to stop you from talking. They don’t have the common sensus that we have so they try to shut us up. But we wont be silenced! Well support Denise all the way!!!!!!!!!
      Its our demographic rite to say what you think. They have to publish your comment because it would be undemographic if they didn’t. Denise could tell them that. She knows all about demographie. How else could she get two votes when the others only get one.
      Keep writing karen. Denise and her athletic supports need to know that we will always be their.

      Editors note: Warning, We strongly suspect ‘Knight’ may be ‘extracting the urine’ here! 😉

      • Gosh, somebody has done a good job of being consistent with …. what def seems like ….. putting on a certain persona.

        At least I hope the Editor is correct ….. because it had me, after the first two sentences, laughing out loud at how cleverly done it is.

        Thank you Knight in Shinnig Armore! 😉

      • “Undemographic” – that’s GOLD! I’m falling off my chair laughing at your comment. Brilliant.

    • Hi Karen 🙂

      What with the COVID-19 pandemic’s sudden onslaught and that putting a stop to public gallery observing of CHCC’s meetings we haven’t seen each other again since we sat next to each other and agreed that we’d like to have a chat/coffee some time.

      As you’d expect …. I hold basically the complete opposite opinion than your comment here, but would like the chance to discuss bit …. and let each of us have a better understanding of why and what led the other to hold the stance that we do.

      I will also have copied this text and try to get it to you by messenger or as a reply to a comment on a FaceAche group’s page.

      Bye for now.

    • Oh …Karen….I forgot to say, before, what about the pigeon pair of change.org online petitions that preceded the hardcopy paper one that was presented to the NSW Parliament last September?

      That consistently, for ten days showed 80% on the against (“progressing” the Gordon St proposal) and only 20% in favour OF processing the project.

      I took a screen shot with both petitions on the one page, side by side and will get that to you with the messenger msg or comment reply to you on a post somewhere, seeing as I can’t attach the jpeg here …… Hope to talk to you soon. Will also PM you my mobile number.

    • “bullied off for daring to not follow the vexatious objector line”
      So what really happened is you were thrown off for abusing someone because they didn’t agree with you, yes?
      Or was it that you became so horrendously annoying with your fancy phrases they just couldn’t take it any more?
      Heaven forbid we point out that the Council is busy serving themselves and not the community. Heresy!

  3. Karen lagalla

    I also bet my comment will not get published.

    Editors note; How much do you want to bet Karen? Ooops! Too late 😉

  4. Oh my……Anyone considering running when we do eventually get to an election had better be good given the appraisal of the 40cmPedestalFan!

  5. Max Brinsmead

    There is no good reason why we should have to wait until September 2021 for a local government election. The Eden-Monaro by election and the NT elections were uneventful. Queensland is going to the polls soon and Victoria thinks that local government democracy is so important that it will conduct polls across the State with postal voting next month. Please sign my ePetition calling for local government elections sooner in NSW. Let’s clear the air.

    • Hi Max
      At done point over the weekend could we have a chat please?

      One of the complementary (synergistic) pair of ePetitions that I have created relates, as you are aware, to the matter of a too long postponement of election of new Councils NSW wide by The Hon. Shelley Hancock MP, Minister for Local Government.

      I note that your version for same elections issue is set up for it to be open for signing for a different time period (than mine). ……

      On this aspect,
      besides concerns I have that what you are petitioning for is not putting forward any approach/es that haven’t already been tried,
      – and that a variety of such failed, incl repeatedly, to achieve anything, due to the (unjustified and …really …unconscionable) refusal by the Minister to act as she IS empowered to do –
      I am also very concerned that between the time frame of your petition being open for signing and the following various procedural processes within the at least FIVE governmental bodies involved that it could easily turn out that – assuming the requisite 20,000 minimum for signatures point IS reached –
      your petition might not be tabled AND through the rest of the other steps, esp as the NSW Electoral Commission has a minimum lead time of 3 months, in time for it to be effectively useful.

      With the informed, and rigorously researched, understanding that I have of the whole process – from whoa to go – it’s obvious to me, as it would be to the Minister, that your petition may only facilitate the bringing forward if voting by 3 or 4 months.

      For which the Minister may deem it not worth upending the Sept 2021 date she already set.

      As mentioned to you elsewhere, and to others both elsewhere and HERE ….. I will be actively seeking people to investigate for, and implement, networking with people in other LGAs so as to QUICKLY obtain 20,000 signatures.

      Please give me a call at any time that suits you over the weekend. Kindest regards, and looking forward to a community wide cooperative effort, Gai
      PS: the text in this comment also being sent to you, Max, via messenger and via your preferred email.

  6. A quote from Mark Twain “It is absolutely impossible for an honest politician to become wealthy while in office “. I wonder if our councillors are listening .The case of the blueberry plant variety rights comes to mind with one councillor losing his case, he should stand down immediately

  7. Narcissistic, spoilt, selfish and entitled.
    Unfortunately we are led by Councillors, who, as they say represent and lead our community for the better good.
    May I remind those few representatives who were elected by the community who were entrusted to stand for us, that it is your duty to represent the community’s sentiments to improve our region and work with us not against us.

    • Hi Pat. 🙂

      Yes! Exactly … except for the fact that it’s NOT a case of all of the councillors – a term which does include the Mayor and Deputy Mayor – bring as do described.

      There’s some good eggs in amongst the bad. …

  8. Look around Coffs Harbour and surrounding areas. How many streets are not kerbed and guttered?.

    Some roads are falling apart. Hogbin Drive is starting to break up. Where is the glass house for the Botanical Bardens? No bulk rubbish pick up service any more.

    Rates are going up and they want more money? Disgusting! Ray Hadley has been talking about council.

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