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Rare draw highlights closeness of local 2020 AFL competition

If any proof was needed of the evenness of the Senior Grade in 2020, then a draw between the top two teams would be it. And that’s exactly what we got on Saturday in the match between Sawtell Toormina Saints and Grafton Tigers.

Adding to the overall proof of the competitive balance is that neither of these teams played in last year’s Grand Final, showing that they have at least closed the gap on last season’s top two teams, and possibly have their noses a fraction in front.

The Saints and the Tigers battle out a historic top of the table draw last Saturday. Photo: AFL North Coast.

Saturday’s match was an absolute cliff hanger, with both teams having periods where they dominated play, but with neither team able to establish a decisive break. Ultimately, both clubs will be ruing missed opportunities – Grafton having kicked more minor scores in the last term, Sawtell for two glorious opportunities late on that were both missed.

Draws in the Senior grade have been extremely rare in the history of AFL North Coast and wise heads are questioning if there has been a previous occurrence in the past 20 years. On this occasion, a draw was an entirely fair result for both teams and retains their places at first and second on the ladder.

Sawtell Toormina Saints 11.9 (75) drew Grafton Tigers 11.9 (75)

The above match report is from the AFL North Coast web site. See; https://aflnorthcoast.com.au/2020/08/17/senior-grade-is-almost-too-tight-to-split/

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